October 31, 2010

Fantasy Basketball Player of the Day: 10/31

Every day that there are games, FSC is going to pick the player that was the most wowing in fantasy world. But before I tell you last night's MVP let's look at the runners-up:

Happy Halloween all! Now that I'm back from a quick weekend getaway, let's get back to the FBPotD:

3rd Place: Dwayne Wade, Heat
Wade may not have scored as many points as his All-Star counterpart, Wade's line looked eerily similar to LeBron's. What made number 3's night better in my mind was the fact that he only turned the ball over 1 time, compared to James' 5. If LeBron doesn't get this TO problem under control, he could be a detriment to roto players with that category.

2nd Place: Pau Gasol, Lakers
Pau continues to come close to winning the award, but just can't seem to get the trophy. Wow, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pick on LeBron twice in one article. Pau created yet another 20/10 night, ending with a final line of 26/12/4 and 2 blocks. Another great all-around game from the Lakers' big man. Can you imagine if someone other than Kobe ended up as the Lakers' leading scorer? The world might end.

1st Place: Paul Millsap, Jazz
Soon you guys are going to think I've got a mancrush on Mr. Millsap. I mean, first I name him the breakout player of the year, and now I've given Paul the FBPotD award twice in the first 5 days of play. How can you argue with 30/16/6 and a steal to go with 12 of 19 shooting. The guy has been a beast. If anyone is stashing Okur, they had better downgrade their expectations with how Millsap has been playing.