October 7, 2010

Week 5 Kings and Jokers

Each week, I am going to post my top 4 predictions for breakout players (the Kings), as well as the 4 guys I think will fall flat on their fantasy faces (the Jokers).

The Kings of Week 5:

King of Spades: Beanie Wells RB, Cardinals
The Saints have been anything but godly against the run this year, yielding 138.3 YPG. With a young QB under center, I look for the Cards to try and run the ball early and often and use their home field to attempt to contain the Saints' powerful offense.

King of Diamonds: Sam Bradford QB, Rams
Oklahoma Sam is the shining example of why football is overtaking baseball as America's sport. He has almost single-handedly brought the Rams from the undisputed worst team in the league to a group with a respectable chance to make the playoffs. (Thank you NFC West!). While he hasn't had a true breakout game this year, look for Detroit to provide him with an opportunity to do so. I mean, that's what they're in the league for right?

King of Clubs: Mario Manningham WR, Giants
The Giants' 3rd receiver has managed to eclipse 80 yards in each of the games he has played. Throw in the fact that New York is taking on the team which has given up the most passing yards in the league. Steve Smith has been underwhelming this year, and Hakeem Nicks can only catch so many passes. That leaves Manningham with, hopefully, his first 100 yard game of the year.

King of Hearts: Fred Jackson RB, Bills
The departure of Marshawn Lynch turned the clarity of the Buffalo backfield from mud to fish tank that is being taken care of by a 7 year old. While he will still split carries with C.J. Spiller, the Jacksonville D will let up some yards in the passing game, and I like FJax to gobble some of those up.

The Jokers:

LaDainian Tomlinson RB, Jets
Minnesota's run defense is impenetrable. Look for the Vikings to challenge Sanchez to beat them through the air using someone other than Dustin Keller. I'm looking at you Santonio.

Matt Forte RB, Bears
Forte has been incredible in the passing game. In PPR he has been hit or miss, as he won many matchups in week 1 and lost just as many in the last 2 weeks. Watch for another weak performance in week 5, as he goes up against a respectable Panthers' run D. The Bears will air it out, and if though he might get 5 or 6 catches, Forte will fail to reach 30 yards rushing yet again.

Kyle Orton QB, Broncos

Orton has looked like a premier fantasy QB so far this year, posting 300 yard game one after another. Hell, if I had bet all of you that Kyle Orton would have the most passing yards in the league after the first 4 weeks, I could have made a lot of money. Of course, those games have come against some of the worst passing defenses this year, with two of them ranking in the bottom four. Enter the stiffest passing D in the league in Baltimore, and I see a rough week for Orton coming.

Ryan Torain RB, Redskins

Ok, so maybe he's not much of a stud, but people are spending their FAAB budgets like he is. While I think he could be a worthwhile investment, I wouldn't recommend picking him up with the hopes of playing him this week. Green Bay is serviceable against the run, but how often will the ball be carried? The Redskins and Packers both boast great QBs and terrible pass defenses.  What do those two things put together equal? Shootout!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article! If you have questions about who you should start or sit don't hesitate to ask. I'm always ready to answer.

Here's the results from last week:

Week 4 Kings:
Kenny Britt WR, Titans- | Hey, he got a TD and some yards, what else were you expecting? 
Bruce Gradkowski QB, Raiders- Push | A very good passing line, but 3 TOs makes it worse.
Kevin Walter WR, Texans- X | Andre being out really hurt this one. Nnamdi is mean.
Shonn Greene RB, Jets- | He might not have gotten his job back, but Greene owners rejoiced Sunday.

Week 4 Jokers:

Hines Ward WR, Steelers- | Two catches for 12 yards is definitely a down week for Hines.
Matt Ryan QB, Falcons- Push | If Nate Clements had held onto that INT, his line would have been Ug-lee.
Steve Smith WR, Panthers- | Being carted off helped my case, but he wasn't exactly golden before the unfortunate injury.

Ahmad Bradshaw RB, Giants- X | This was just a flat out miss. But I'm man enough to admit it.

Record: 4-2-2