October 7, 2010

Fantasy Basketball Breakout Player of the Year: 2010-2011 Edition

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of, Name... That... Playerrr! Now, you have managed to win the Jet-Ski, manilla folder as well as the mobile toaster which brings me to my next question. Do you want to keep playing and risk these wonderful prizes for whats behind door number 3? Of course you do! So without further ado, lets play the game.

  • This player went to the same college as Karl Malone.
  • He plays for the team that immortalized Karl Malone.
  • He plays the same position as Karl Malone.
  • It is not Karl Malone.
  • In terms of 48 minute averages, he had a line of 20 points, 11 boards to go along with 2 blocks.
  • In 2008, when he was able to start almost half of his teams games, he ranked 9th in the league in terms of rebound percentage (meaning if all of the players had the same opportunity to get rebounds, he would rank 9th).
So what is your guess?

You're right it's this guy, Paul Millsap!

You are now the proud owner of a slightly used pack of cigarettes!

Alright, that's enough of that stuff. Let's get down to business.

As Carlos Boozer takes his broken hand talents to Chicago, it looks like a whole lot of minutes for Mr. Millsap, despite the entrance of Al Jefferson. With, Mehmet Okur out for an extended period, Paul moves into a starter spot. That is great news for a guy who has been extremely effective in limited minutes.

Let's take a look backward to see what Millsap did the last time he saw consistent starting time. In the 2008-09 season, Carlos Boozer went out for an extended period of time, Fast-forward back to the present, and we are faced with a similar situation. Deron Williams is still there and, most importantly, the Jerry Sloan system is still there. Millsap managed to rack up 19 straight games with a double-double, 9 of which he scored 20 points. Soon after, he fell into his own minor injury woes and Boozer' return soon followed. The mention of injury probably sparks some fear in you readers, but Millsap has only missed 6 games in his entire 4 year career, something not too many players can say.

The equation for Millsap's success is simple. He's a guy who has shown he can be great, but just never received the minutes. He finally has the stage all to himself. What more can you ask for? If you're drafting soon, get him while you still can!

Intrepid Prediction (per game values): 19.8 Points, 12.0 Rebounds, 2.5 Assists, 1.9 Blocks.