October 28, 2010

Fantasy Basketball Player of the Day: 10/28

Every day that there are games, FSC is going to pick the player that was the most wowing in fantasy world. But before I tell you last night's MVP let's look at the runners-up:

3rd Place: Hakim Warrick, Suns
Who would have thought this guy would ever show up on the list? Well, an 18/11 game off the bench on a night with only 2 games will do it.  Going 6 for 7 from the charity stripe helps as well.

2nd Place: Dwight Howard, Magic
How in the world does the night's leading scorer (23) and blocker (3) not end up at number one, especially when he adds 10 rebounds and a steal. Its his horrendous FT% yet again. If you play head-to-head then he is probably number one, but in my roto league a guy dropped 4 slots in the category because of Howard's performance from the line.

and the coveted FBPotD Trophy goes to....

Winner: Paul Millsap, Jazz
With the exception of his free-throw shooting, where he went 1 for 3, Millsap filled up the stat sheet. Millsap dropped 19 points (on 9 of 13 shooting nonetheless) and grabbed a league high 13 boards. Not to mention the 2 blocks, steal, assist and only 1 turnover from the big man. Millsap was FSC's pick for breakout player of the year, so keep your eye on Utah's big, because he could be on the FBPotD list a few times this year.