October 6, 2010

Fantasy Impact: Randy Moss to the Vikings

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Should this deal go down, Vikings fans will be saying "Jackson who?" or "Rice who?". Randy Moss is

the big play receiver they have shown that they need. Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin have proven that their roles are as secondary options, which they succeeded as last year. While there have been many more problems than just WR for the hapless Vikings so far, it has been evident by Brett Favre's dependence on TE Visanthe Shiancoe and RB Adrian Peterson that he doesn't have much trust on his routerunners. That's why the arrival of Randy Moss would be a sight for sore eyes. Even though Moss' "mooning" episode against the Packers is still burned into my brain, the Purple and Yellow is where Randy belongs.

So if (or should I say when) this trade goes down, what will come of it in fantasy terms? Let's break it down by team, shall we:


Brett Favre- The addition of Moss would be a sight for sore eyes. I can still remember when he begged Ted Thompson to wrestle him from the Raiders. Who would have imagined that the two of them would be together on the Vikings. Watch for Favre's stock to jump dramatically, since a deep threat like Moss could be key to his revival.

Percy Harvin/ Bernard Berrian- Like I said before, these guys are meant to be #2s or 3s. This will give them the opportunity to hopefull get better looks with lesser corners on them. I see a big jump for Harvin, and a minor one for B-Twice.

Visanthe Shiancoe- A minor reduction in value. A lot of his points come off of TDs, and Moss is always prone to score.

Sidney Rice- When he comes back, he will be arguably the best 2nd receiver out there. Add the amount of attention Moss will attract to the connection Rice and Favre have and you have one explosive situation.

Randy Moss- This is probably the toughest one for me. Moss hasn't done much this year, and a lot of that is thought to be due to Brady and the Patriots, but he did catch 23 TDs not too long ago. I think the opportunity for fantasy will be slightly better in Minny, despite his success in New England.


Tom Brady- Losing his best option will hurt him. There's no doubting that. However, over the past few weeks, he has shown that he can spread the ball easily, but the connection to Moss was definitely there. I mean, when he went to throw the fake spike, who did he he turn to?

Wes Welker- Logic would say this trade would hurt his value, since there is no deep threat taking focus of the slot. However, I think Welker will just get more attention from Brady, and his ability to get open will really come in handy.

Aaron Hernandez/ Brandon Tate- These two guys should be the biggest beneficiaries on the Patriots' side. Hernandez looked like he could be a straight receiver on Monday night, rather than just a tight end. He showed great poise out there, and should be the #2 option in the Pats' passing game. Tate is explosive, and that should come in handy now that he is the only guy not used to going over the middle. Watch for both of these players to stedily increase their production.

Running game- I can't help but think this will cause the Pats to run more, but what does that mean in fantasy? Who will get the carries? Green-Ellis? Woodhead? Morris? Taylor? And will Belichick actually run it? The answer to those questions: Just stay away.

Well thats all I've got. This could be the biggest trade of the year if it happens to lift the Vikings out of the cellar. And it could be the biggest trade of the year for you if you own one of the guys I think are on the up.