October 14, 2010

Week 6 Kings and Jokers

Each week, I am going to post my top 4 predictions for breakout players (the Kings), as well as the 4 guys I think will fall flat on their fantasy faces (the Jokers).

The Kings:

King of Spades: Mike Wallace WR, Steelers
If you aren't playing the Steelers' passing game this week, boy, are you missing out. This will be the week of Big Ben's triumphant return. He has had two whole weeks to prepare, and a lot longer to sit around and get motivated to show what he can do. The Browns' have allowed the 6th most fantasy points to wideouts, and Pittsburgh has two great ones. Both Hines Ward and Wallace should be in for big days.

King of Diamonds: Vince Young QB, Titans
Nothing cures a fantasy QB's slump quite like a meeting with the Jacksonville Jaguars. So far Vince has yet to go for more than 180 passing yards in a game this year, and leave it to the Jags to cure that ailment. On Monday night, Young will shine and show that he can be a 300 yard passer, probably hooking up with Chris Johnson for 100 yards through the air.

King of Clubs: Pierre Garcon WR, Colts
The flying Frenchman has been all but invisible so far in 2010, but this could be his week. Garcon made a slight impact in the Colts' week 5 match-up, and the 'skins aren't exactly airtight against the passing game, giving up a league high 87 catches to opposing receivers. Peyton is known for finding a new flavor of the week whenever he plays, and I have a gut feeling that Garcon's relative obscurity this season means this could be his breakout week.

King of Hearts: Pierre Thomas RB, Saints
Wait. Two Pierre's in one Kings section? That can't be true. This isn't soccer. Or losing at war. This is football. All French jokes aside, as long as PT plays this week (which it looks like he will), he is in for a big week against the Bucs. Tampa has given up over 530 yards in just 4 games. Not to mention the fact that they have allowed backs to amass an average line of 4/30 in the passing game. With the Saints' running game looking pathetic with Betts (not to be confused with Ebony) and Ivory, I think the Saints will depend heavily on PT.

The Jokers:

Tom Brady QB, Patriots
Kyle Orton really ripped the Ravens last week, which was a complete eye-opener. But the Ravens still rank 4th in the least amount of points allowed to QBs, despite the Orton air show. Tom Brady might not be as lucky. Going into his first game without his star receiver, Brady will have to hope that Brandon Tate and Aaron Hernandez can create enough room for Wes Welker to operate. I don't know how fast I'm willing to drink that Kool-Aid.

Knowshon Moreno RB, Broncos
I feel terrible for the Knowshon owners out there. Drafting a premier back from a team that has historically stuck to the ground game seemed like a good idea. Oh how have the Broncos changed. With the Jets coming to town, Moreno should be on everyone's bench this year, unless you play in a 30 team league. Even then, I'm thinking about it. The Jets give up mediocre numbers through the air, but are dominant against rushers. Look for the Broncos to continue their trend of sticking to the air, and Moreno suffering the consequences.

Rashard Mendenhall RB, Steelers

The Browns have a surprisingly competent fantasy rushing defense, having not allowed a score on the ground thus far. If your league is heavy on yards (which I imagine would be zero fun) then Mendenhall could be a star, but Cleveland is lethal around the goal line. Rashard could probably be a mediocre play this week, but a lot of major sites *cough* ESPN *cough* have him ranked as a top 10 RB. A guy who most likely won't get in the end zone is the last player I want being my RB1.

Roddy White WR, Falcons
Probably the most consistent WR this year, White has been spectacular. Going up against the Eagles could change that, as they have only given up 14 points per game to wide receivers. In a game being played in Philly, there should be a lot of noise and a lot of pressure on Matty Ice. I don't know how cold-blooded he will stay when he struggles to connect with his star wide receiver.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article! If you have questions about who you should start or sit don't hesitate to ask. I'm always ready to answer.