October 31, 2010

2010-2011 Fantasy Basketball Prep: Week 2

The first week of the season has come and gone and there's probably someone sitting in first place in your roto league with a 10 point lead. In Head to Head you probably already saw the first sweep of the season, if not a 8-1 shellacking. But, Derrick Rose won't average 33.5 points per game and Josh Smith can't possibly get 4 blocks every game from here on out. So don't be discouraged if you find yourself floundering a little bit. Have faith that you built a quality team, and let the game take its course.

With all of that said, let's take a look at the schedules here in week 2:

Smooth Sailin':

Portland Trail Blazers- The only team with 5 games on their schedule. If your league sets weekly lineups, try to have all of your Blazers in. For sheer numbers purposes, having the extra game can mean a lot. This could mean big things for Nicolas Batum buyers, if he can continue his hot streak.

Los Angeles Lakers- As if the Lake Show needed any help, they have 4 games schedules in week 2, 3 of which are in Staples Center. The latter half is a bit tough with Toronto and Portland visiting, neither of which gives up excess of 100 PPG, but traveling to Sacramento and hosting the Grizzlies will be easy pickin's for Kobe and the boys.

Memphis Grizzlies- Sure they might have to go to LA to face the Lakers, but the rest of their week 2 schedule is as easy as a 4 game road trip can be. Being able to face offensive doormats like Golden State, Phoenix and Sacramento means good things for Memphis. Keep your Grizzlies in your lineup, and more good things could be afoot for guys like O.J. Mayo.

Rough Waters Ahead:

Dallas Mavericks- The Mavs play the Denver Nuggets this week. That's it. Just the Nuggets. Sure, one game is in Denver, and the other is at home, but that is not the recipe to fantasy success. Before you start a guy like J.R. Smith, make sure there aren't options out there that play more than 2 games and one opponent in week 2.
Indiana Pacers- Another easy call, with only 2 games on the docket this week. Danny Granger and his crew have looked fairly impressive in fantasy terms, especially the rising Roy Hibbert. But, if you are contemplating between two evenly matched players this week, and one happens to be a Pacer, let him take the bench this week.

New Jersey Nets- Guys like Derrick Favors and Devin Harris have shown that they have some fantasy value hidden in New Jersey. Keeping it buried in week 2 might be a smart idea, however. The Nets take on Charlotte at home, and then travel into Florida to take on Orlando and Miami on back-to-back nights. All 3 of these teams can play stellar defense, and going up against the Magic followed by the Heat could spell disaster for the comeback story of week 1.