October 20, 2010

The Curious Case of Danny Woodhead

Fantasy basketball season is upon us, in fact my draft is tonight. And if there is one thing which fantasy basketball has (besides excessive whining and hideous neck tattoos) which fantasy football lacks, its position eligibility. Just about every power forward can qualify as a center, and there are a plethora of SG/SF type wings in the NBA. However, you can count on one hand the players in the NFL who qualify for multiple fantasy positions, and there is only one who actually matters, Danny Woodhead. Due to the strange fact that he started the season as a WR with the Jets, he now possesses the rare position of RB/WR in fantasy since the Patriots have put him in the backfield. And let me tell you this, he sure has been impressive standing behind Tom Brady. 

So far the Wes Welker look-alike has managed to score double-digit fantasy points in standard formats in each of his three real games with the Pats (and he's been even more effective if you play PPR). Not only did he find the end zone in each of his first two games as a rival of his former team, but he managed over 100 yards from scrimmage in week 6 against a strong Ravens defense. In other words, this guy is fo' real.

So where do we go from here? Well...
  • If your league is shallow, I don't know how much value Woody holds. He IS still a Bill Belichick running back and that comes with a lot of headaches.
  • If your league has 12 or more teams, I would definitely recommend picking him up for a small FAAB bid or as a free-agent pickup (aka don't waste a good waiver slot).
  • If you get extra points for receptions, he instantly gains a bit more value, since he seemed to be Brady's safety valve last week now that Moss is out of town.
  • And if your league is heavily dependent on TDs, Woodhead becomes a huge target. Spend wild. Wideouts are tough to predict their scoring habits. So if you can get a guy who will get goal line touches out of the backfield and plug him into a WR slot, it could be golden.
 Having a guy who can play multiple positions could definitely pay off in the future. When picking up Woodhead, not only do you get a guy who can fill whatever slot on your team that might be faced with a lot of byes in the near future, but a player who has shown he can consistently produce when given the chance. Plus, even though attitude doesn't score any points in fantasy, it sure is fun to have a scrappy guy like Danny Woodhead on your roster that you can root for.