October 22, 2010

Week 7 Kings and Jokers

Each week, I am going to post my top 4 predictions for breakout players (the Kings), as well as the 4 guys I think will fall flat on their fantasy faces (the Jokers).

The Kings:

King of Spades: Joe Flacco QB, Ravens
The Buffalo Bills are the perfect cure for any QB has been underachieving. There's nothing like a match-up with a sloppy defense to wake up an arm. The Ravens have shown glimpses of being a stellar offense, and this is the week they will put it together. Flacco just has too many offensive weapons to not breakout this week.

King of Diamonds: Thomas Jones RB, Chiefs
I just dealt Jamaal Charles and junk for MJD, because I am fed up with Todd Haley. Charles is obviously the more explosive RB, but he is as stubborn as policemen in a line for free donuts, and continues to chug right along with Jones as the main ballcarrier. Take advantage of that against a stumbling Jacksonville team.

King of Clubs: Chris Ivory RB, Saints
The PT Cruiser is still dealing with a bum wheel, and Ivory has jumped at the chance to be a feature back. After blowing up in week 6, and leading the entire league in rushing, I have seen enough to advise a start of the young Saint.
[Somewhat irrelevant tangent: My girlfriend's parents recently went to New Orleans and saw multiple sets of naked women. In October. That makes no sense. This is why I will some day live in New Orleans, and my theory for why the Saints won the Super Bowl last year.]

King of Hearts: Buster Davis WR, Chargers
The Chargers' pass catcher situation looks like the hospital where Lieutant Dan is in Forrest Gump. There are limbs falling off everywhere. However, Phillip Rivers is still there, and the Patriots' pass D is still bad. Someone is going to have to benefit through the air. Patrick Crayton will be the trendy pick, but I like what I've seen from Davis thus far, and think extra playing time could really benefit the former 1st round pick.

The Jokers:

Jay Cutler QB, Bears
The Redskins are a scrappy bunch, who aren't going to give up a lot of points. A death sentence for a quarterback. Especially for one who has struggled to get a single block, and has to look across the line at guys like Brian Orakpo.

DeAngelo Williams RB, Panthers
The 49ers are a bad football team, but its not because of their rush defense. The Panthers have had a week to prepare, but I don't think it will mean much for DWill. He hasn't done much this year, and this won't be the start.

Ricky Williams/Ronnie Brown RB, Dolphins
If I were playing the Steelers I would be more worried about getting my head knocked off than gaining yards. I'm sure Ricky and Ronnie would rather not be the reason James Harrison retires.

Brandon Lloyd WR, Broncos
The island of Asomugha has been less than deserted thus far, but Lloyd will be overmatched against the Raiders. The Broncos' running game should finally thrive, and Orton should see good numbers, but Lloyd should be out of your lineups while he fights with Nnamdi.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article! If you have questions about who you should start or sit don't hesitate to ask. Check out this post for more info.