October 31, 2010

2010-2011 Fantasy Basketball Prep: Week 2

The first week of the season has come and gone and there's probably someone sitting in first place in your roto league with a 10 point lead. In Head to Head you probably already saw the first sweep of the season, if not a 8-1 shellacking. But, Derrick Rose won't average 33.5 points per game and Josh Smith can't possibly get 4 blocks every game from here on out. So don't be discouraged if you find yourself floundering a little bit. Have faith that you built a quality team, and let the game take its course.

With all of that said, let's take a look at the schedules here in week 2:

Smooth Sailin':

Portland Trail Blazers- The only team with 5 games on their schedule. If your league sets weekly lineups, try to have all of your Blazers in. For sheer numbers purposes, having the extra game can mean a lot. This could mean big things for Nicolas Batum buyers, if he can continue his hot streak.

Los Angeles Lakers- As if the Lake Show needed any help, they have 4 games schedules in week 2, 3 of which are in Staples Center. The latter half is a bit tough with Toronto and Portland visiting, neither of which gives up excess of 100 PPG, but traveling to Sacramento and hosting the Grizzlies will be easy pickin's for Kobe and the boys.

Memphis Grizzlies- Sure they might have to go to LA to face the Lakers, but the rest of their week 2 schedule is as easy as a 4 game road trip can be. Being able to face offensive doormats like Golden State, Phoenix and Sacramento means good things for Memphis. Keep your Grizzlies in your lineup, and more good things could be afoot for guys like O.J. Mayo.

Rough Waters Ahead:

Dallas Mavericks- The Mavs play the Denver Nuggets this week. That's it. Just the Nuggets. Sure, one game is in Denver, and the other is at home, but that is not the recipe to fantasy success. Before you start a guy like J.R. Smith, make sure there aren't options out there that play more than 2 games and one opponent in week 2.
Indiana Pacers- Another easy call, with only 2 games on the docket this week. Danny Granger and his crew have looked fairly impressive in fantasy terms, especially the rising Roy Hibbert. But, if you are contemplating between two evenly matched players this week, and one happens to be a Pacer, let him take the bench this week.

New Jersey Nets- Guys like Derrick Favors and Devin Harris have shown that they have some fantasy value hidden in New Jersey. Keeping it buried in week 2 might be a smart idea, however. The Nets take on Charlotte at home, and then travel into Florida to take on Orlando and Miami on back-to-back nights. All 3 of these teams can play stellar defense, and going up against the Magic followed by the Heat could spell disaster for the comeback story of week 1.

Fantasy Basketball Player of the Day: 10/31

Every day that there are games, FSC is going to pick the player that was the most wowing in fantasy world. But before I tell you last night's MVP let's look at the runners-up:

Happy Halloween all! Now that I'm back from a quick weekend getaway, let's get back to the FBPotD:

3rd Place: Dwayne Wade, Heat
Wade may not have scored as many points as his All-Star counterpart, Wade's line looked eerily similar to LeBron's. What made number 3's night better in my mind was the fact that he only turned the ball over 1 time, compared to James' 5. If LeBron doesn't get this TO problem under control, he could be a detriment to roto players with that category.

October 29, 2010

This Weekend

Hey all!
I'm going out to the woods this weekend with a few friends. So if I never post again, some kind of bear or serial killer got to me. Otherwise, I will be back late Sunday to get back to all of this fun.

If you find yourself needing fantasy advice, remember that you can always reach me at:
A lot of people have taken advantage of this and so far there have only been rave reviews. No catches. Just personal fantasy football advice at your fingertips.

Also, if you follow me on Twitter (@FSCircle), I will continue posting the Fantasy Basketball Player of the Day there, so you can find out who was the top performer of the day.

Enjoy the weekend,
and may the Pack dominate the Jets *crosses fingers*

The Bean

October 28, 2010

Fantasy Basketball Player of the Day: 10/28

Every day that there are games, FSC is going to pick the player that was the most wowing in fantasy world. But before I tell you last night's MVP let's look at the runners-up:

3rd Place: Hakim Warrick, Suns
Who would have thought this guy would ever show up on the list? Well, an 18/11 game off the bench on a night with only 2 games will do it.  Going 6 for 7 from the charity stripe helps as well.

Ray Rice: Bust or Buy Low?

Just like in the Maurice Jones-Drew post, if you are a Ray Rice owner (like yours truly) you're wondering what exactly you saw in him at the beginning of the year. With the exception of his week 5 performance against Denver, Rice has yet to top 100 yards or score in any other game. Definitely not what you expected out of a top 4 consensus selection. The only solace has come to PPR owners who have seen mediocre benefit from his 24 catches (including 8 in week 6).

Perhaps the greatest disappointment has been Rice's inability to break off big plays. So far in 2010, the Ravens' running back has only managed a rushing high of 30 yards and has yet to make a reception of 20 yards or greater. In fact, Rice has only busted out 8 rushes of 10 yards or more, a pittance from a guy that last year was ready to make a break for the end zone at any given time. Since it is Halloween, I can only imagine that some civilian has simply dressed up as Ray Rice, and is now parading around, disappointing fantasy owners everywhere.

Fantasy Basketball Player of the Day: 10/27

Every day that there are games, FSC is going to pick the player that was the most wowing in fantasy world. But before I tell you last night's MVP let's look at the runners-up:

3rd Place: Monta Ellis, Warriors
A lot of Monta's success can be chalked up to a game that was a scoring blur. But fantasy doesn't care about how you got the numbers, just that you got them. Ellis racked up an eye-opening 46 points, 3 boards, 2 assists, 1 three and threw in 2 steals as the cherry on top. What sets his line apart from most major scoring nights was Ellis' efficiency. If you own Monta, you are probably sitting pretty at the top of your FG% category since he shot a whopping 75% from the field on 18 for 24 shooting. Throw in quality free-throw shooting (9 for 12) and that's a helluva opening night.

October 25, 2010

2010 Week 8 PPR Rankings: WR

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Andre Johnson HOU at IND
2 Reggie Wayne IND vs HOU
3 Brandon Marshall MIA at CIN
4 Miles Austin DAL vs NYG
5 Larry Fitzgerald ARI vs TB
6 Calvin Johnson DET vs WAS
7 Chad Ochocinco CIN vs MIA
8 Hines Ward PIT at NO
9 Santana Moss WAS at DET
10 Marques Colston NO vs PIT
11 Wes Welker NE vs MIN
12 Terrell Owens CIN vs MIA
13 Brandon Lloyd DEN at SF
14 Kenny Britt TEN at SD
15 Mike Wallace PIT at NO
16 Michael Crabtree SF vs DEN
17 Dwayne Bowe KC vs BUF
18 Greg Jennings GB at NYJ
19 Randy Moss MIN at NE
20 Mike Sims-Walker JAX at DAL
21 Braylon Edwards NYJ vs GB
22 Dez Bryant DAL vs NYG
23 Mike Williams (TB) TB at ARI
24 Austin Collie IND vs HOU
25 Steve Smith (CAR) CAR at STL
26 Donald Driver GB at NYJ
27 Percy Harvin MIN at NE
28 Brandon Tate NE vs MIN
29 Malcom Floyd SD vs TEN
30 Pierre Garcon IND vs HOU
31 Davone Bess MIA at CIN
32 Danny Amendola STL vs CAR
33 Kevin Walter HOU at IND
34 Lee Evans BUF at KC
35 Dexter McCluster KC vs BUF

2010 Week 8 PPR Rankings: TE

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Vernon Davis SF vs DEN
2 Antonio Gates SD vs TEN
3 Dustin Keller NYJ vs GB
4 Owen Daniels HOU at IND
5 Aaron Hernandez NE vs MIN
6 Jason Witten DAL vs NYG
7 Marcedes Lewis JAX at DAL
8 Brandon Pettigrew DET vs WAS
9 Chris Cooley WAS at DET
10 Kellen Winslow TB at ARI
11 Zach Miller OAK vs SEA
12 Tony Moeaki KC vs BUF
13 Heath Miller PIT at NO
14 Visanthe Shiancoe MIN at NE
15 Bo Scaife TEN at SD
16 Andrew Quarless GB at NYJ
17 Jeremy Shockey NO vs PIT
18 Jermaine Gresham CIN vs MIA
19 John Carlson SEA at OAK
20 Tony Scheffler DET vs WAS

2010 Week 8 PPR Rankings: QB

Need help with a lineup/trade/waiver problem? Check out the FREE help you can get from FSC!

Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Peyton Manning IND vs HOU
2 Phillip Rivers SD vs TEN
3 Tom Brady NE vs MIN
4 Tony Romo DAL vs NYG
5 Ben Roethlisberger PIT at NO
6 Aaron Rodgers GB at NYJ
7 Matt Schaub HOU at IND
8 Drew Brees NO vs PIT
9 Donovan McNabb WAS at DET
10 Brett Favre MIN at NE
11 Kyle Orton DEN at SF
12 Carson Palmer CIN vs MIA
13 Vince Young TEN at SD
14 Sam Bradford STL vs CAR
15 Matt Cassel KC vs BUF
16 Chad Henne MIA at CIN
17 Mark Sanchez NYJ vs GB
18 Matthew Stafford DET vs WAS
19 Matt Hasselbeck SEA at OAK
20 Alex Smith SF vs DEN

2010 Week 8 PPR Rankings: RB

Need help with a lineup/trade/waiver problem? Check out the FREE help you can get from FSC!

Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Chris Johnson TEN at SD
2 Maurice Jones-Drew JAX at DAL
3 Arian Foster HOU at IND
4 Adrian Peterson MIN at NE
5 Frank Gore SF vs DEN
6 Steven Jackson STL vs CAR
7 Rashard Mendenhall PIT at NO
8 DeAngelo Williams CAR at STL
9 Felix Jones DAL vs NYG
10 Beanie Wells ARI vs TB
11 Darren McFadden OAK vs SEA
12 Jahvid Best DET vs WAS
13 Ryan Torain WAS at DET
14 Fred Jackson BUF at KC
15 Marshawn Lynch SEA at OAK
16 Pierre Thomas NO vs PIT
17 Jamaal Charles KC vs BUF
18 Cedric Benson CIN vs MIA
19 Thomas Jones KC vs BUF
20 Joseph Addai IND vs HOU
21 LaDanian Tomlinson NYJ vs GB
22 Ryan Mathews SD vs TEN
23 Jonathan Stewart CAR at STL
24 Brandon Jackson GB at NYJ
25 Ricky Williams MIA at CIN
26 Knowshon Moreno DEN at SF
27 Ronnie Brown MIA at CIN
28 BenJarvus Green-Ellis NE vs MIN
29 Brandon Jacobs NYG BYE
30 Marion Barber DAL vs NYG
31 Cadillac Williams TB at ARI
32 Michael Bush OAK vs SEA
33 Shonn Greene NYJ vs GB
34 Justin Forsett SEA at OAK
35 Javon Ringer TEN at SD

October 23, 2010

5 Tips for your Fantasy Basketball Draft

I really should have added in (Last Minute) between the "5" and "Tips" in this title. There are less than 2 and a half days until LeBron and crew (or should I say Dwayne Wade and his sidekicks) tip off against Shaq and the Celtics. That's less than 60 hours for you to do your fantasy draft and get your roster set for the next 17 months. Ok, maybe more like 7. But like I said as football and baseball approached, draft day is what sets the fantasy season into motion. So, if you are sitting down on Sunday (like me) or Monday, or God forbid anytime after Tuesday, here are a few things to keep in mind as you print out your spreadsheets and highlight your sleepers. (Not one of the 5 tips: Linas Kleiza should be one of those highlighted guys).
  1. Settings is Key- I start every fantasy draft the same way. I ask myself the question, "What are this league's rules?" and, "How should I use these rules to my benefit?" These two answers could be the key to turning your team into a champion. If you're playing head-to-head, Dwight Howard gets a huge boost. Whereas, if its roto, I wouldn't take Superman if he came with X-ray vision (one of my top 3 superpowers). Leagues without turnovers give young guns who run the floor a lot more value. Its little league-specific keys like these that make the transition from a good team to a great team possible.
  2. Don't Overplan and Panic- Trying to plan out too far ahead will only cause disappointment. I did a mock draft the other day, and in 14 rounds, the guy I was targeting got selected directly in front of me 4 times. I see a lot of fantasy owners write down a list of guys they want in each round, only to panic when they get pick-jacked. A panicked owner makes bad decisions. Don't be that guy who picks Marcus Camby in the 2nd.
  3. The Best Available is Best- Ask any current or former GM out there (minus Isaiah Thomas of course) what their draft strategy is, and it is always "I'm taking the best guy available at my spot, regardless of position". If it works for their teams (minus the Knicks of course), why not let it work for yours? In the early rounds, don't stress about if you're getting too many rebounds, or not enough 3-pointers, that's what the rest of the draft is there for. Get whoever you think has the best potential to be great with your first few picks, and let the rest of your picks fill out the categories you need.
  4. See the Whites in their Eyes- In other words, stay close to your opponents. Keep track of what they're doing and act accordingly. Here's an example: Say you're sitting at the 10 spot in a 12 team draft and you desperately need a big. Paul Millsap is there, and you're high on him, but so is Aaron Brooks, and he's your breakout player this year. Most of the time, you'd pick Millsap to make sure you get some boards. However, since you've read this post, you notice that the owners at 11 and 12 have only picked PFs and Cs. Because of that, you pick Brooks, and after the other two guys select guards, Millsap is still there waiting for you. Instead of getting one, you get two great players, all because you paid attention to your opponents' selections and needs.
  5. Go Big or Go Home- This is my personal favorite. I like to challenge myself to make one really risky pick per draft. There is a difference between crazy and risky, however. In the middle to late rounds, try to pick a guy with a huge risk that could pay off for a huge reward. This year it could be a guy like Yao Ming or Greg Oden because of their injury concerns, or someone with character problems like Gilbert Arenas. If they pay off, it could cover up any mistakes or major injuries you face.
And while it doesn't fit in the top 5, this tip is one you should always keep in fantasy basketball: Have Fun. That's what its all about. Enjoy the game, and win some money, pride or bragging rights while you're at it.

October 22, 2010

Week 7 Kings and Jokers

Each week, I am going to post my top 4 predictions for breakout players (the Kings), as well as the 4 guys I think will fall flat on their fantasy faces (the Jokers).

The Kings:

King of Spades: Joe Flacco QB, Ravens
The Buffalo Bills are the perfect cure for any QB has been underachieving. There's nothing like a match-up with a sloppy defense to wake up an arm. The Ravens have shown glimpses of being a stellar offense, and this is the week they will put it together. Flacco just has too many offensive weapons to not breakout this week.

King of Diamonds: Thomas Jones RB, Chiefs
I just dealt Jamaal Charles and junk for MJD, because I am fed up with Todd Haley. Charles is obviously the more explosive RB, but he is as stubborn as policemen in a line for free donuts, and continues to chug right along with Jones as the main ballcarrier. Take advantage of that against a stumbling Jacksonville team.

King of Clubs: Chris Ivory RB, Saints
The PT Cruiser is still dealing with a bum wheel, and Ivory has jumped at the chance to be a feature back. After blowing up in week 6, and leading the entire league in rushing, I have seen enough to advise a start of the young Saint.
[Somewhat irrelevant tangent: My girlfriend's parents recently went to New Orleans and saw multiple sets of naked women. In October. That makes no sense. This is why I will some day live in New Orleans, and my theory for why the Saints won the Super Bowl last year.]

King of Hearts: Buster Davis WR, Chargers
The Chargers' pass catcher situation looks like the hospital where Lieutant Dan is in Forrest Gump. There are limbs falling off everywhere. However, Phillip Rivers is still there, and the Patriots' pass D is still bad. Someone is going to have to benefit through the air. Patrick Crayton will be the trendy pick, but I like what I've seen from Davis thus far, and think extra playing time could really benefit the former 1st round pick.

The Jokers:

Jay Cutler QB, Bears
The Redskins are a scrappy bunch, who aren't going to give up a lot of points. A death sentence for a quarterback. Especially for one who has struggled to get a single block, and has to look across the line at guys like Brian Orakpo.

DeAngelo Williams RB, Panthers
The 49ers are a bad football team, but its not because of their rush defense. The Panthers have had a week to prepare, but I don't think it will mean much for DWill. He hasn't done much this year, and this won't be the start.

Ricky Williams/Ronnie Brown RB, Dolphins
If I were playing the Steelers I would be more worried about getting my head knocked off than gaining yards. I'm sure Ricky and Ronnie would rather not be the reason James Harrison retires.

Brandon Lloyd WR, Broncos
The island of Asomugha has been less than deserted thus far, but Lloyd will be overmatched against the Raiders. The Broncos' running game should finally thrive, and Orton should see good numbers, but Lloyd should be out of your lineups while he fights with Nnamdi.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article! If you have questions about who you should start or sit don't hesitate to ask. Check out this post for more info.

October 21, 2010

Personal Fantasy Football/Basketball Help

Thanks to all of you who have participated in this! I'm glad I could help!

If it weren't baseball playoff time, the title would have America's pastime in it too. But for now, the fantasy world is focused on football and basketball as one progresses and the other is gearing up to go. If you are playing either of these games, it is inevitable that you will come to a question that you need a second opinion on. Whether it is who to start, or if a trade is in your favor or whether or not to use your waiver claim on the new hot pickup, you will want someone to look over your ideas and tell you what they think.

If you're like me, you will go to the major websites and pose a question on a message board. But, most of the time, these people are just trying to spit out the fastest answer possible, in the hopes that you will return the favor. What if I told you that there was a way to get one-on-one help from a reputable source, who will take the time to analyze the move in-depth for your team? Is that something you might be interested in? I sure would be. And the best part is its all FREE. I just want to make a better connection with my readership. That's why I'm offering my personal e-mail address for you all to send your burning fantasy questions.

So if you've got one, send me the details to: bglewis@fantasysportscircle.com or hit me up on Twitter @FSCircle and I will give you immediate help.

My cell phone and I are waiting.

The Year of the Broken Tight End

First off, boy does that title sound dirty. Ok. Child's sense of humor out of the way. And away we go.

So your draft goes according to plan, and you look down at your lineup thinking, "How could I possibly NOT win a championship this year?". You follow that up with, "My tight end slot is set with (Dallas Clark/ Antonio Gates/ Jermichael Finley/ Brent Celek), that's for sure. Of course, only Jermichael Finley's fate is set, but Gates and Clark are both battling major injuries and Celek could go back to the doghouse if Andy Reid sides with Michael Vick at QB. Clark's fate looks especially grim with rumors swirling that the Colts are hiding a season-ending injury from the rest of the league.

The Red Cross of Premier Tight End Owners
That's 4 of my top 7 TEs for the year, all dealing with some kind of issue. Vernon Davis and Dustin Keller are not meant to be the best tight ends out there. But hey, crackheads aren't supposed to be rich, and that didn't stop Lindsay Lohan. Crazier things have happened. So if you are one of these lucky owners, like myself thanks to Dallas, lets take a look at the TE options remaining:

Trade Targets:
These are the guys you can probably get from someone harboring multiple TEs in case of emergency. Just throw 'em a cheap RB or WR and you have your TE stopgap.
  • Aaron Hernandez- Someone probably stashed him, so why not take advantage of the Moss trade and get a guy who Brady will look to often?
  • Heath Miller- The return of Big Ben could spell great things for the Steelers' TE.
  • Marcedes Lewis- Might be a starter on a lot of teams, but he wasn't very hyped this preseason. Could very well be riding someone's pine behind Tony Gonzalez.
  • Greg Olsen- Two weeks with zero catches might scare you away, but I think he is a buy low who just had one bad week and one shaking his head at Todd Collins.
Waiver Fodder:
For the owner with limited resources, simply looking for a quick fix off the wire.
  • Brandon Pettigrew- A physical specimen. Starting to get a lot of targets in the Lions' O, which is normally behind.
  • Jermaine Gresham- A beast just like Pettigrew, just with less downfield targets. A great PPR player if you are in need.
  • Tony Moeaki- A great fit in KC. Last week, he should have scored. Damn you Vrabel!
  • Bo Scaife- He sure looked like he connected with Kerry Collins. If Vince Young ever gets hurt, he could be a great pickup.

October 20, 2010

The Curious Case of Danny Woodhead

Fantasy basketball season is upon us, in fact my draft is tonight. And if there is one thing which fantasy basketball has (besides excessive whining and hideous neck tattoos) which fantasy football lacks, its position eligibility. Just about every power forward can qualify as a center, and there are a plethora of SG/SF type wings in the NBA. However, you can count on one hand the players in the NFL who qualify for multiple fantasy positions, and there is only one who actually matters, Danny Woodhead. Due to the strange fact that he started the season as a WR with the Jets, he now possesses the rare position of RB/WR in fantasy since the Patriots have put him in the backfield. And let me tell you this, he sure has been impressive standing behind Tom Brady. 

So far the Wes Welker look-alike has managed to score double-digit fantasy points in standard formats in each of his three real games with the Pats (and he's been even more effective if you play PPR). Not only did he find the end zone in each of his first two games as a rival of his former team, but he managed over 100 yards from scrimmage in week 6 against a strong Ravens defense. In other words, this guy is fo' real.

So where do we go from here? Well...
  • If your league is shallow, I don't know how much value Woody holds. He IS still a Bill Belichick running back and that comes with a lot of headaches.
  • If your league has 12 or more teams, I would definitely recommend picking him up for a small FAAB bid or as a free-agent pickup (aka don't waste a good waiver slot).
  • If you get extra points for receptions, he instantly gains a bit more value, since he seemed to be Brady's safety valve last week now that Moss is out of town.
  • And if your league is heavily dependent on TDs, Woodhead becomes a huge target. Spend wild. Wideouts are tough to predict their scoring habits. So if you can get a guy who will get goal line touches out of the backfield and plug him into a WR slot, it could be golden.
 Having a guy who can play multiple positions could definitely pay off in the future. When picking up Woodhead, not only do you get a guy who can fill whatever slot on your team that might be faced with a lot of byes in the near future, but a player who has shown he can consistently produce when given the chance. Plus, even though attitude doesn't score any points in fantasy, it sure is fun to have a scrappy guy like Danny Woodhead on your roster that you can root for.

October 19, 2010

Maurice Jones-Drew: Bust or Buy Low?

If you look at the bottom of the standings in your league, I can pretty much guarantee that one of the bottom 3 teams (most of the time THE worst) has Maurice Jones-Drew on their team. MJD's line looks like what I would expect out of him over four weeks. Unfortunately, its taken him 6 weeks to get there, and he has only found pay dirt once. Blasphemy! This is a guy who has scored over 12 TDs the last two seasons. Why the sudden drop off?

 It could be that hes just off to a slow start, just biding his time, in which case he would be an excellent buy low candidate. In 2008, he came out of the gate ice cold. But that was with Fred Taylor in town, still taking the majority of the carries. At this point last year, MJD was averaging 110 yards from scrimmage a game, and most importantly, he crossed the end zone an average of 1.3 times per game. That kind of a line puts to rest any slow starter theories, but does it eliminate Jones-Drew as a buy low target?

In my eyes, no, but make sure you aren't selling out your squad for him. Let's start with why he has caused so many of his fantasy teams to tank, David Garrard and the Jags' passing game. Through six games, he has managed the exact same amount of rushing yards as he did in '09, but the rest of his numbers pale in comparison to his past self. His TDs, receptions and receiving yards have all taken major hits, all due to the fact that opposing defenses are crowding the line and challenging David Garrard to throw the ball, a challenge he has yet to succeed at.

As witnessed in Monday night's debacle with the Titans, teams have been able to solely focus their efforts on MJD and the running game, as David Garrard and the excuses they call wide receivers struggle to repeat their success from last year. I believe that if Garrard (or dare I say Trent Edwards), Sims-Walker and his distant cousin Mike Walker find a way to finally move the ball through the air, the Jags will not be stuck on their side of the 50, and maybe MJD can finally get some goal-line work.

MJD's future value rides solely on the shoulders of the Jaguars passing game. I think they can slowly improve through the air, I mean keep in mind, David Garrard was a Pro-Bowler last year. When things start clicking, MJD will start to get more and more chances to score, as well as more catches on check-downs. So here's my advice, find a disgruntled owner and see if you can't get the Jags' star for a relatively low price. If you can move a guy like Rashard Mendenhall or even Joseph Addai and a lesser star on your team, go get MJD before he starts to finally find the end-zone. Its only a matter of time.

October 18, 2010

2010 Week 7 PPR Rankings: WR

Note: Can't decide who to start this week? Need some help picking between two players? Check this out.

Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Roddy White ATL vs CIN
2 Miles Austin DAL vs NYG
3 Brandon Marshall MIA vs PIT
4 Randy Moss MIN at GB
5 Anquan Boldin BAL vs BUF
6 Larry Fitzgerald ARI at SEA
7 Chad Ochocinco CIN at ATL
8 Hines Ward PIT at MIA
9 Marques Colston NO vs CLE
10 Wes Welker NE at SD
11 Hakeem Nicks NYG at DAL
12 Santana Moss WAS at CHI
13 Greg Jennings GB vs MIN
14 Jeremy Maclin PHI at TEN
15 Terrell Owens CIN at ATL
16 Kenny Britt TEN vs PHI
17 Mike Wallace PIT at MIA
18 Steve Smith (NYG) NYG at DAL
19 Michael Crabtree SF at CAR
20 Donald Driver GB vs MIN
21 Mike Williams (TB) TB vs STL
22 Dez Bryant DAL vs NYG
23 Dwayne Bowe KC vs JAX
24 Brandon Lloyd DEN vs OAK
25 Malcom Floyd SD vs NE
26 Davone Bess MIA vs PIT
27 Brandon Tate NE at SD
28 Legedu Naanee SD vs NE
29 Percy Harvin MIN at GB
30 Danny Amendola STL at TB
31 Mike Williams (SEA) SEA vs ARI
32 Johnny Knox CHI vs WAS
33 Derrick Mason BAL vs BUF
34 Jabar Gaffney DEN vs OAK
35 Demaryius Thomas DEN vs OAK

2010 Week 7 PPR Rankings: RB

Note: Can't decide who to start this week? Need some help picking between two players? Check this out. 

Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Chris Johnson TEN vs PHI
2 Maurice Jones-Drew JAX at KC
3 Ray Rice BAL vs BUF
4 Adrian Peterson MIN at GB
5 Steven Jackson STL at TB
6 Frank Gore SF at CAR
7 LeSean McCoy PHI at TEN
8 Rashard Mendenhall PIT at MIA
9 Pierre Thomas NO vs CLE
10 Jamaal Charles KC vs JAX
11 DeAngelo Williams CAR vs SF
12 Matt Forte CHI vs WAS
13 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG at DAL
14 Michael Turner ATL vs CIN
15 Peyton Hillis CLE at NO
16 Ryan Mathews SD vs NE
17 Felix Jones DAL vs NYG
18 Beanie Wells ARI at SEA
19 Cedric Benson CIN at ATL
20 Marshawn Lynch SEA vs ARI
21 Fred Jackson BUF at BAL
22 Ryan Torain WAS at CHI
23 Michael Bush OAK at DEN
24 Brandon Jackson GB vs MIN
25 Ricky Williams MIA vs PIT
26 Knowshon Moreno DEN vs OAK
27 BenJarvus Green-Ellis NE at SD
28 Cadillac Williams TB vs STL
29 Marion Barber DAL vs NYG
30 Ronnie Brown MIA vs PIT
31 Brandon Jacobs NYG at DAL
32 Darren McFadden OAK at DEN
33 Tim Hightower ARI at SEA
34 Jonathan Stewart CAR vs SF
35 Correll Buckhalter DEN vs OAK

2010 Week 7 PPR Rankings: TE

Note: Can't decide who to start this week? Need some help picking between two players? Check this out.  

Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Antonio Gates (if healthy) SD vs NE
2 Vernon Davis SF at CAR
3 Brent Celek PHI at TEN
4 Tony Gonzalez ATL vs CIN
5 Jason Witten DAL vs NYG
6 Aaron Hernandez NE at SD
7 Zach Miller OAK at DEN
8 Kellen Winslow TB vs STL
9 Chris Cooley WAS at CHI
10 Marcedes Lewis JAX at KC
11 Tony Moeaki KC vs JAX
12 Heath Miller PIT at MIA
13 Jeremy Shockey NO vs CLE
14 Visanthe Shiancoe MIN at GB
15 Jermaine Gresham CIN at ATL
16 Bo Scaife TEN vs PHI
17 Andrew Quarless GB vs MIN
18 Todd Heap BAL vs BUF
19 Kevin Boss NYG at DAL
20 John Carlson SEA vs ARI

2010 Week 7 PPR Rankings: QB

Note: Can't decide who to start this week? Need some help picking between two players? Check this out. 

Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Drew Brees NO vs CLE
2 Tom Brady NE at SD
3 Phillip Rivers SD vs NE
4 Aaron Rodgers GB vs MIN
5 Tony Romo DAL vs NYG
6 Eli Manning NYG at DAL
7 Ben Roethlisberger PIT at MIA
8 Kolb / Vick PHI at TEN
9 Brett Favre MIN at GB
10 Kyle Orton DEN vs OAK
11 Joe Flacco BAL vs BUF
12 Matt Ryan ATL vs CIN
13 Donovan McNabb WAS at CHI
14 Jay Cutler CHI vs WAS
15 Carson Palmer CIN at ATL
16 Vince Young TEN vs PHI
17 Sam Bradford STL at TB
18 Bruce Gradkowski OAK at DEN
19 David Garrard JAX at KC
20 Alex Smith SF at CAR

October 16, 2010

Buy Low, Sell High: Weeks 3-5

We are slowly moving our way through the fantasy football season. If you're sitting at 0-5, you'd better break the glass on the fire extinguisher, because you've got a major problem on your hands. If you're sitting pretty at 5-0 or 4-1, there's always room for improvement. That's what this segment is here for, to let you know who you should buy low on and who to sell high on. I hope this can turn your dud into a stud or your contender into a champion.

Buy Low:

Hines Ward WR, Steelers
An average line of 3/40 and a single touchdown this year make Hines Ward owners really question why they are, well, Hines Ward owners. Of course, this is also with guys like Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch throwing him the ball. A wideout is only as good as the QB throwing him the ball. (I'm looking at you Larry Fitzgerald). Unlike his counterpart in Arizona, Ward's QB situation is drastically improving from here on out. I've said it many times on this site, but I'll say it again. Big Ben will come back and shine as he attempts to play his way back into the people's hearts. He could still top 3,000 yards passing in these last 12 games, a lot of them in the direction of Hines.

Ryan Mathews RB, Chargers
Mathews was supposed to be the golden boy this year in San Diego. 5 weeks pass, and now he is struggling to get more carries than a guy who looks more like an eating champion than a running back. The one stat that makes me think Mathews' is sure to take a turn in the right direction is his 5.1 yards per carry. Norv Turner can do what he like with his carries, but sooner or later Mike Tolbert gaining 12 yards on 11 carries will not cut it anymore. Tolbert should stay entrenched in his role as the goal-line back so if you're in a TD heavy league, Mathews isn't much of a target, but he should catch on fire in the yards and receptions categories as he starts to see more playing time.

Sell High: 

Terrell Owens WR, Bengals
Two great weeks and everyone starts to think TO is back to his early 2000s form. TO has been pretty hot and cold, and that is without having played the real meat of the Bengals' schedule. Owens might prey on the weak this season, but when Pittsburgh twice, the Ravens, Jets, etc. watch his production suffer. If you are a TO owner, and don't mind the potential 20 yard weeks, then go ahead and hold onto him because he might have 1 or 2 more 150 yard explosions in him. But if you can get a more consistent WR who won't lose you weeks, I'd prefer that option over TO every time.

Calvin Johnson WR, Lions
Megatron has been a touchdown machine this year, I guess that's because he is a machine. But that's about all he's done. With a measly 5/60 line per game this year, Johnson has definitely failed to live up to his 2nd round billing in fantasy drafts. Throw in the fact that he is starting to show the signs of nagging injuries that are oh so common with Calvin, and you have a recipe for a very underachieving WR. Take the chance while you have it, and dish the Lions' only WR threat while his total fantasy points still look pretty.

October 14, 2010

Week 6 Kings and Jokers

Each week, I am going to post my top 4 predictions for breakout players (the Kings), as well as the 4 guys I think will fall flat on their fantasy faces (the Jokers).

The Kings:

King of Spades: Mike Wallace WR, Steelers
If you aren't playing the Steelers' passing game this week, boy, are you missing out. This will be the week of Big Ben's triumphant return. He has had two whole weeks to prepare, and a lot longer to sit around and get motivated to show what he can do. The Browns' have allowed the 6th most fantasy points to wideouts, and Pittsburgh has two great ones. Both Hines Ward and Wallace should be in for big days.

King of Diamonds: Vince Young QB, Titans
Nothing cures a fantasy QB's slump quite like a meeting with the Jacksonville Jaguars. So far Vince has yet to go for more than 180 passing yards in a game this year, and leave it to the Jags to cure that ailment. On Monday night, Young will shine and show that he can be a 300 yard passer, probably hooking up with Chris Johnson for 100 yards through the air.

King of Clubs: Pierre Garcon WR, Colts
The flying Frenchman has been all but invisible so far in 2010, but this could be his week. Garcon made a slight impact in the Colts' week 5 match-up, and the 'skins aren't exactly airtight against the passing game, giving up a league high 87 catches to opposing receivers. Peyton is known for finding a new flavor of the week whenever he plays, and I have a gut feeling that Garcon's relative obscurity this season means this could be his breakout week.

King of Hearts: Pierre Thomas RB, Saints
Wait. Two Pierre's in one Kings section? That can't be true. This isn't soccer. Or losing at war. This is football. All French jokes aside, as long as PT plays this week (which it looks like he will), he is in for a big week against the Bucs. Tampa has given up over 530 yards in just 4 games. Not to mention the fact that they have allowed backs to amass an average line of 4/30 in the passing game. With the Saints' running game looking pathetic with Betts (not to be confused with Ebony) and Ivory, I think the Saints will depend heavily on PT.

The Jokers:

Tom Brady QB, Patriots
Kyle Orton really ripped the Ravens last week, which was a complete eye-opener. But the Ravens still rank 4th in the least amount of points allowed to QBs, despite the Orton air show. Tom Brady might not be as lucky. Going into his first game without his star receiver, Brady will have to hope that Brandon Tate and Aaron Hernandez can create enough room for Wes Welker to operate. I don't know how fast I'm willing to drink that Kool-Aid.

Knowshon Moreno RB, Broncos
I feel terrible for the Knowshon owners out there. Drafting a premier back from a team that has historically stuck to the ground game seemed like a good idea. Oh how have the Broncos changed. With the Jets coming to town, Moreno should be on everyone's bench this year, unless you play in a 30 team league. Even then, I'm thinking about it. The Jets give up mediocre numbers through the air, but are dominant against rushers. Look for the Broncos to continue their trend of sticking to the air, and Moreno suffering the consequences.

Rashard Mendenhall RB, Steelers

The Browns have a surprisingly competent fantasy rushing defense, having not allowed a score on the ground thus far. If your league is heavy on yards (which I imagine would be zero fun) then Mendenhall could be a star, but Cleveland is lethal around the goal line. Rashard could probably be a mediocre play this week, but a lot of major sites *cough* ESPN *cough* have him ranked as a top 10 RB. A guy who most likely won't get in the end zone is the last player I want being my RB1.

Roddy White WR, Falcons
Probably the most consistent WR this year, White has been spectacular. Going up against the Eagles could change that, as they have only given up 14 points per game to wide receivers. In a game being played in Philly, there should be a lot of noise and a lot of pressure on Matty Ice. I don't know how cold-blooded he will stay when he struggles to connect with his star wide receiver.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article! If you have questions about who you should start or sit don't hesitate to ask. I'm always ready to answer.

October 11, 2010

2010 Week 6 PPR Rankings: WR

Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Andre Johnson HOU vs KC
2 Roddy White ATL at PHI
3 Reggie Wayne IND at WAS
4 Miles Austin DAL at MIN
5 Calvin Johnson DET at NYG
6 Brandon Marshall MIA at GB
7 Randy Moss MIN vs DAL
8 Wes Welker NE vs BAL
9 Hakeem Nicks NYG vs DET
10 Anquan Boldin BAL at NE
11 Malcolm Floyd SD at STL
12 Desean Jackson PHI vs ATL
13 Hines Ward PIT vs CLE
14 Marques Colston NO at TB
15 Santana Moss WAS vs IND
16 Steve Smith (NYG) NYG vs DET
17 Kenny Britt TEN at JAX
18 Dwayne Bowe KC at HOU
19 Mike Wallace PIT vs CLE
20 Brandon Lloyd DEN vs NYJ
21 Greg Jennings GB vs MIA
22 Mike Sims-Walker JAX vs TEN
23 Michael Crabtree SF vs OAK
24 Louis Murphy OAK at SF
25 Dez Bryant DAL at MIN
26 Donald Driver GB vs MIA
27 Jeremy Maclin PHI vs ATL
28 Johnny Knox CHI vs SEA
29 Braylon Edwards NYJ at DEN
30 Legedu Naanee SD at STL
31 Austin Collie IND at WAS
32 Pierre Garcon IND at WAS
33 Davone Bess MIA at GB
34 Brandon Tate NE vs BAL
35 Danny Amendola STL vs SD

2010 Week 6 PPR Rankings: TE

With the departure of Moss, Hernandez's future looks bright.

Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Antonio Gates SD at STL
2 Dallas Clark IND at WAS
3 Vernon Davis SF vs OAK
4 Dustin Keller NYJ at DEN
5 Brent Celek PHI vs ATL
6 Tony Gonzalez ATL at PHI
7 Zach Miller OAK at SF
8 Jason Witten DAL at MIN
9 Kellen Winslow TB vs NO
10 Aaron Hernandez NE vs BAL
11 Owen Daniels HOU vs KC
12 Chris Cooley WAS vs IND
13 Jeremy Shockey NO at TB
14 Marcedes Lewis JAX vs TEN
15 Visanthe Shiancoe MIN vs DAL
16 Greg Olsen CHI vs SEA
17 Heath Miller PIT vs CLE
18 John Carlson SEA at CHI
19 Brandon Pettigrew DET at NYG
20 Bo Scaife TEN at JAX

2010 Week 6 PPR Rankings: RB

Was Week 5 a fluke? Or a sign of good things to come?

Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Chris Johnson TEN at JAX
2 Frank Gore SF vs OAK
3 Maurice Jones-Drew JAX vs TEN
4 Ray Rice BAL at NE
5 Adrian Peterson MIN vs DAL
6 LeSean McCoy PHI vs ATL
7 Steven Jackson STL vs SD
8 Matt Forte CHI vs SEA
9 Arian Foster HOU vs KC
10 Jamaal Charles KC at HOU
11 Rashard Mendenhall PIT vs CLE
12 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG vs DET
13 Pierre Thomas NO at TB
14 Jahvid Best DET at NYG
15 Ryan Mathews SD at STL
16 Michael Turner ATL at PHI
17 Peyton Hillis CLE at PIT
18 Brandon Jackson GB vs MIA
19 Felix Jones DAL at MIN
20 Michael Bush OAK at SF
21 LaDanian Tomlinson NYJ at DEN
22 Thomas Jones KC at HOU
23 Ricky Williams MIA at GB
24 Joseph Addai IND at WAS
25 Ryan Torain WAS vs IND
26 Knowshon Moreno DEN vs NYJ
27 Marshawn Lynch SEA at CHI
28 Ronnie Brown MIA at GB
29 Marion Barber DAL at MIN
30 Shonn Greene NYJ at DEN
31 Justin Forsett SEA at CHI
32 BenJarvus Green-Ellis NE vs BAL
33 Donald Brown IND at WAS
34 Brandon Jacobs NYG vs DET
35 Darren Sproles SD at STL