October 28, 2010

Ray Rice: Bust or Buy Low?

Just like in the Maurice Jones-Drew post, if you are a Ray Rice owner (like yours truly) you're wondering what exactly you saw in him at the beginning of the year. With the exception of his week 5 performance against Denver, Rice has yet to top 100 yards or score in any other game. Definitely not what you expected out of a top 4 consensus selection. The only solace has come to PPR owners who have seen mediocre benefit from his 24 catches (including 8 in week 6).

Perhaps the greatest disappointment has been Rice's inability to break off big plays. So far in 2010, the Ravens' running back has only managed a rushing high of 30 yards and has yet to make a reception of 20 yards or greater. In fact, Rice has only busted out 8 rushes of 10 yards or more, a pittance from a guy that last year was ready to make a break for the end zone at any given time. Since it is Halloween, I can only imagine that some civilian has simply dressed up as Ray Rice, and is now parading around, disappointing fantasy owners everywhere.

The good news is, that I have faith that this masked annoyance will give back the uniform to the real Ray Rice once Halloween has passed. Word is that one of the reasons Rice hasn't been able to explode has been the knee injury that he sustained earlier this year. Since Rice feels a little hobbled, he has been hesitant to hit the hole hard enough to burst through into the open field. With that said, what better than a bye week to help get Rice back to his healthy self?

The way I see it, Rice will take the next two weeks to improve on his confidence, and get his head back. If being the 10th leading rusher is the slumping Ray Rice, I can't wait to see what he can do when he's got his mind right. I think the Ravens' week 9 matchup with Miami will be Ray Rice's "welcome back" party. He is poised to go off. So my advice for you guys is to go out and buy low. See if the Rice owner in your league is in need of a bye week replacement and deal him a couple good players to secure yourself a stud!