November 30, 2010

Early 2011 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: SS

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Remember the days when the young studs dominated the shortstop position? Nomar. A-Rod. Jeter. It was a beautiful time. Even thought the last 2 are still around, shortstop is still filled with young guys swinging big bats. The names may have changed, but you can still find some great hitters at what has traditionally been baseball's weakest hitting position.
  1. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins- Han-Ram has been the only challenger to King Albert's reign as #1 pick. That's how good he is.
  2. Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies- If you ran into the Tulo buzzsaw in October, I am genuinely sorry for you. He flat out went off.
  3. Jose Reyes, Mets- Always a risk to spend a lot of time injured, but he can sure motor when he does play.

November 29, 2010

Early 2011 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: 2B

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After all of the out-of-this-world numbers we saw yesterday at first base, it would seem like this edition would be a little on the boring side. Well, that assumption would be wrong. There, I said it. Shallow positions like second base are what make your team great. If you stumble across a late round stud like 2009 Robinson Cano, you could be on your way to a championship. Well, with that introduction, here they are:
  1. Robinson Cano, Yankees- Speaking of the star... this guy will fly off draft boards early this year. There doesn't seem to be a hole in his game.
  2. Chase Utley, Phillies- All he needs to do is stay healthy and his line should go back to out of this world status.
  3. Dan Uggla, Braves- Last year, Uggla's line in 35 games at Turner field: 5/3/6/.343. His power may go down a bit, but a .343 average against the 3rd best staff could mean great success in their ballpark.

2010 Week 13 PPR Rankings: WR

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

1 Roddy White ATL at TB
2 Andre Johnson HOU at PHI
3 Reggie Wayne IND vs DAL
4 Miles Austin DAL at IND
5 Greg Jennings GB vs SF
6 Calvin Johnson DET vs CHI
7 Dwayne Bowe KC vs DEN
8 Brandon Lloyd DEN at KC
9 Anquan Boldin BAL vs PIT
10 Larry Fitzgerald ARI vs STL
11 Marques Colston NO at CIN
12 Wes Welker NE vs NYJ
13 Terrell Owens CIN vs NO
14 Brandon Marshall MIA vs CLE
15 Desean Jackson PHI vs HOU
16 Santana Moss WAS at NYG
17 Jeremy Maclin PHI vs HOU
18 Mario Manningham NYG vs WAS
19 Johnny Knox CHI at DET
20 Chad Ochocinco CIN vs NO
21 Percy Harvin MIN vs BUF
22 Santonio Holmes NYJ at NE
23 Sidney Rice MIN vs BUF
24 Danny Amendola STL at ARI
25 Steve Smith (NYG) NYG vs WAS
26 Mike Wallace PIT at BAL
27 Braylon Edwards NYJ at NE
28 Dez Bryant DAL at IND
29 Michael Crabtree SF at GB
30 Donald Driver GB vs SF
31 Mike Williams (SEA) SEA vs CAR
32 Mike Williams (TB) TB vs ATL
33 Steve Smith (CAR) CAR at SEA
34 Hines Ward PIT at BAL
35 Pierre Garcon IND vs DAL

2010 Week 13 PPR Rankings: TE

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Antonio Gates SD vs OAK
2 Jacob Tamme IND vs DAL
3 Vernon Davis SF at GB
4 Marcedes Lewis JAX at TEN
5 Greg Olsen CHI at DET
6 Jason Witten DAL at IND
7 Tony Gonzalez ATL at TB
8 Chris Cooley WAS at NYG
9 Dustin Keller NYJ at NE
10 Brandon Pettigrew DET vs CHI
11 Zach Miller OAK at SD
12 Andrew Quarless GB vs SF
13 Brent Celek PHI vs HOU
14 Heath Miller PIT at BAL
15 Joel Dreesen HOU at PHI
16 Kellen Winslow TB vs ATL
17 Aaron Hernandez NE vs NYJ
18 Rob Gronkowski NE vs NYJ
19 Tony Moeaki KC vs DEN
20 Kevin Boss NYG vs WAS

2010 Week 13 PPR Rankings: QB

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

1 Aaron Rodgers GB vs SF
2 Michael Vick PHI vs HOU
3 Peyton Manning IND vs DAL
4 Phillip Rivers SD vs OAK
5 Drew Brees NO at CIN
6 Kyle Orton DEN at KC
7 Jay Cutler CHI at DET
8 Matt Ryan ATL at TB
9 Joe Flacco BAL vs PIT
10 Eli Manning NYG vs WAS
11 Ben Roethlisberger PIT at BAL
12 Tom Brady NE vs NYJ
13 Matt Schaub HOU at PHI
14 Jon Kitna DAL at IND
15 Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF at MIN
16 Brett Favre MIN vs BUF
17 Matt Cassel KC vs DEN
18 David Garrard JAX at TEN
19 Donovan McNabb WAS at NYG
20 Mark Sanchez NYJ at NE
21 Carson Palmer CIN vs NO
22 Sam Bradford STL at ARI
23 Troy Smith SF at GB
24 Matt Hasselbeck SEA vs CAR
25 Derek Anderson ARI vs STL

2010 Week 13 PPR Rankings: RB

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

1 Adrian Peterson MIN vs BUF
2 Arian Foster HOU at PHI
3 Maurice Jones-Drew JAX at TEN
4 Chris Johnson TEN vs JAX
5 Peyton Hillis CLE at MIA
6 LeSean McCoy PHI vs HOU
7 Frank Gore SF at GB
8 Steven Jackson STL at ARI
9 Jamaal Charles KC vs DEN
10 Michael Turner ATL at TB
11 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG vs WAS
12 Rashard Mendenhall PIT at BAL
13 Matt Forte CHI at DET
14 Ray Rice BAL vs PIT
15 Knowshon Moreno DEN at KC
16 Felix Jones DAL at IND
17 Fred Jackson BUF at MIN
18 LaDanian Tomlinson NYJ at NE
19 Mike Goodson CAR at SEA
20 Tim Hightower ARI vs STL
21 LeGarrette Blount TB vs ATL
22 Darren McFadden OAK at SD
23 Cedric Benson CIN vs NO
24 Marshawn Lynch SEA vs CAR
25 BenJarvus Green-Ellis NE vs NYJ
26 Mike Tolbert SD vs OAK
27 Keiland Williams WAS at NYG
28 Danny Woodhead NE vs NYJ
29 Donald Brown IND vs DAL
30 Reggie Bush NO at CIN
31 Jahvid Best DET vs CHI
32 Brandon Jackson GB vs SF
33 Shonn Greene NYJ at NE
34 Beanie Wells ARI vs STL
35 Ricky Williams MIA vs CLE

November 28, 2010

Early 2011 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: 1B

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Here's today's installment of the WAY too early fantasy baseball rankings for 2011. First base is always a very deep position, and this year looks to be no exception. With so many powerful options, you can usually wait to fill the position if you miss out on one of the studs.

Quick disclaimer: The reason guys like Victor Martinez don't end up on this list is because they qualify at positions where they would be more valuable.

So without further ado, the top 10 1Bs of 2011:
  1. Albert Pujols, Cardinals- The most consistent fantasy star out there. You can argue for Votto or Cabrera, but lets face it, Pujols owners never lose sleep over their decision.
  2. Joey Votto, Reds- Was tremendous across the board last year. I can only see him replicating his 2010 line or improving on it.
  3. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers- If he ever managed to start swiping bags like Pujols, he could be the #1 player out there.

Early 2011 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Catcher

Other Positions: C | 1B | 2B | SS | 3B | OF | SP |

Its November, and I find myself writing a fantasy baseball article. I have a problem. I know. But you're reading it, so you must share the fantasy addiction with me, right? Well I guess it is never to early to start mapping out who the studs are for the upcoming season. So let's look at who should be the top 15 players that should be taken at every position (with a few more at OF and the pitchers), and a little blurb describing why. First up, backstops:

  1. Joe Mauer, Twins- The undisputed stud of the position. Saw a power dip in the new stadium, but still the Ali of the catcher position.
  2. Victor Martinez, Tigers- Despite the fact that Fenway Park is very hitter friendly, Comerica should help boost V-Mart's power numbers. If he stays off the DL he is golden.
  3. Bryan McCann, Braves- Consistently very good. Not very great. But very good.

November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks a Little Late

Its officially the day after Thanksgiving, so holiday references are officially in play. But I'm still in a food coma from yesterday's feast, so I'm going to pretend its still Thursday and give thanks to those that have helped make this fantasy football season what it is. So a big ole thanks goes out to:

  • Arian Foster's parents for producing a fantasy stud.
  • Jerry Jones for finally sucking it up and making the Cowboys fantasy relevant again.
  • Tony Dungy for helping Michael Vick realize that there was such a thing as a film room outside of his home theater.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew for sandbagging the first half of the year and allowing owners everywhere to buy low.
  • Peyton Hillis aka The Great White Hope.
  • Seyi Ajirotutu for helping people to realize that Philip Rivers can score with anyone. Literally ANYone.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick for proving that guys with SATs over 300 can succeed in the NFL.
  • The owners who didn't follow the trend and use a "Mike Vick in a box" or "Double Dwayne Bowe" team name. I swear I've seen one in every league.
  • And of course, the Detroit Lions' and Buffalo Bills' defenses. Without you guys it would have been a boring year.

Good luck on Sunday! May your team come back from playing against Wes Welker/ Deion Branch.

November 24, 2010

Turkey Day Fantasy Football Previews

Ah Thanksgiving. A time of family, food comas and blowout football. I mean who's genius idea was it to make the Lions a Turkey Day fixture? If my memory serves me right, Plymouth Rock wasn't very close to Ford Field. Oh well, now that my Lions rant is out of the way, let's try out a few game previews (not a regular fixture here on FSC). So if you like the thoughts here, let me know and maybe, just maybe they'll become a regular post.

Patriots @ Lions

Unless a miracle happens and Detroit's lineup becomes filled with 50 Barry Sanderses (?) this one will be a cake walk for the Pats, so this is a week where you can gamble on one of their TEs and hope he's the one they target this week.

Studs: Tom Brady, Wes Welker, BGE, Danny Woodhead, Calvin Johnson

Iffy: Deion Branch, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski, Jahvid Best

Stay Away: All other Lions. Yes, that includes you Shaun Hill. Now sit down.

Saints @ Cowboys

If Jason Garrett somehow finagles his way into the playoff race, Wade Phillips might not be able to get a job at Pizza Hut. The O/U is set at 50 so this should be a pretty interesting game on the fantasy end.

Studs: Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Jon Kitna, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten

Iffy: Whoever the Saints start at RB, Lance Moore, Jeremy Shockey, Felix Jones, Marion Barber

Stay Away: The rest of the Saints receivers (they're just too streaky), Roy Williams

Bengals at Jets

2-8 vs 8-2 and Terrell Owens decides to call out Darelle Revis? Is he serious? The Bengals are falling apart and even though the Jets have been the luckiest team ever these past few weeks, they should dominate Carson Palmer and Co.

Studs: LaDanian Tomlinson, Santonio Holmes, TO

Iffy: Chad Ochocinco, Cedric Benson, Braylon Edwards, Dustin Keller, Mark Sanchez

Stay Away: Jermaine Gresham, Jerricho Cotchery, Shonn Greene

November 22, 2010

2010 Week 12 PPR Rankings: WR

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Reggie Wayne IND vs SD
2 Roddy White ATL vs GB
3 Hakeem Nicks NYG vs JAX
4 Andre Johnson HOU vs TEN
5 Miles Austin DAL vs NO
6 Greg Jennings GB at ATL
7 Anquan Boldin BAL vs TB
8 Calvin Johnson DET vs NE
9 Dwayne Bowe KC at SEA
10 Brandon Lloyd DEN vs STL
11 Wes Welker NE at DET
12 Terrell Owens CIN at NYJ
13 Brandon Marshall MIA at OAK
14 Desean Jackson PHI at CHI
15 Larry Fitzgerald ARI vs SF
16 Marques Colston NO at DAL
17 Santana Moss WAS vs MIN
18 Chad Ochocinco CIN at NYJ
19 Mike Wallace PIT at BUF
20 Malcom Floyd SD at IND
21 Braylon Edwards NYJ vs CIN
22 Johnny Knox CHI vs PHI
23 Dez Bryant DAL vs NO
24 Percy Harvin MIN at WAS
25 Jeremy Maclin PHI at CHI
26 Michael Crabtree SF at ARI
27 Donald Driver GB at ATL
28 Vincent Jackson SD at IND
29 Santonio Holmes NYJ vs CIN
30 Mike Williams (SEA) SEA vs KC
31 Sidney Rice MIN at WAS
32 Mike Williams (TB) TB at BAL
33 Danny Amendola STL at DEN
34 Steve Smith (NYG) NYG vs JAX
35 Steve Smith (CAR) CAR at CLE
36 Hines Ward PIT at BUF
37 Mike Sims-Walker JAX at NYG
38 Steve Breaston ARI vs SF
39 Demaryius Thomas DEN vs STL
40 Brandon Tate NE at DET

2010 Week 12 PPR Rankings: TE

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Antonio Gates SD at IND
2 Vernon Davis SF at ARI
3 Jacob Tamme IND vs SD
4 Marcedes Lewis JAX at NYG
5 Dustin Keller NYJ vs CIN
6 Tony Gonzalez ATL vs GB
7 Aaron Hernandez NE at DET
8 Jason Witten DAL vs NO
9 Chris Cooley WAS vs MIN
10 Brandon Pettigrew DET vs NE
11 Zach Miller OAK vs MIA
12 Jermaine Gresham CIN at NYJ
13 Greg Olsen CHI vs PHI
14 Kellen Winslow TB at BAL
15 Jeremy Shockey NO at DAL
16 Andrew Quarless GB at ATL
17 Heath Miller PIT at BUF
18 Brent Celek PHI at CHI
19 Kevin Boss NYG vs JAX
20 Tony Moeaki KC at SEA

2010 Week 12 PPR Rankings: QB

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Peyton Manning IND vs SD
2 Phillip Rivers SD at IND
3 Drew Brees NO at DAL
4 Michael Vick PHI at CHI
5 Aaron Rodgers GB at ATL
6 Kyle Orton DEN vs STL
7 Tom Brady NE at DET
8 Eli Manning NYG vs JAX
9 Ben Roethlisberger PIT at BUF
10 Matt Ryan ATL vs GB
11 Joe Flacco BAL vs TB
12 Matt Schaub HOU vs TEN
13 Jon Kitna DAL vs NO
14 Matt Cassel KC at SEA
15 David Garrard JAX at NYG
16 Donovan McNabb WAS vs MIN
17 Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF vs PIT
18 Mark Sanchez NYJ vs CIN
19 Jay Cutler CHI vs PHI
20 Carson Palmer CIN at NYJ
21 Troy Smith SF at ARI
22 Sam Bradford STL at DEN
23 Brett Favre MIN at WAS
24 Matt Hasselbeck SEA vs KC
25 Shaun Hill DET vs NE

2010 Week 12 PPR Rankings: RB

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Chris Johnson TEN at HOU
2 Arian Foster HOU vs TEN
3 Adrian Peterson MIN at WAS
4 Maurice Jones-Drew JAX at NYG
5 Frank Gore SF at ARI
6 Ray Rice BAL vs TB
7 LeSean McCoy PHI at CHI
8 Peyton Hillis CLE vs CAR
9 Steven Jackson STL at DEN
10 Jamaal Charles KC at SEA
11 Rashard Mendenhall PIT at BUF
12 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG vs JAX
13 Michael Turner ATL vs GB
14 Darren McFadden OAK vs MIA
15 Felix Jones DAL vs NO
16 Matt Forte CHI vs PHI
17 LaDanian Tomlinson NYJ vs CIN
18 Cedric Benson CIN at NYJ
19 Jahvid Best DET vs NE
20 Brandon Jackson GB at ATL
21 Fred Jackson BUF vs PIT
22 LeGarrette Blount TB at BAL
23 Keiland Williams WAS vs MIN
24 Marshawn Lynch SEA vs KC
25 Knowshon Moreno DEN vs STL
26 Danny Woodhead NE at DET
27 BenJarvus Green-Ellis NE at DET
28 Ryan Mathews SD at IND
29 Donald Brown IND vs SD
30 Ricky Williams MIA at OAK
31 Reggie Bush NO at DAL
32 Tim Hightower ARI vs SF
33 Beanie Wells ARI vs SF
34 Brandon Jacobs NYG vs JAX
35 Shonn Greene NYJ vs CIN
36 Jason Snelling ATL vs GB
37 Thomas Jones KC at SEA
38 Ronnie Brown MIA at OAK
39 Michael Bush OAK vs MIA
40 Javon Ringer TEN at HOU

November 20, 2010

Two Studs are Available in Too Many Leagues

This is a public service announcement for fantasy owners everywhere. There are two fantasy studs out there just waiting to turn your team from good to great. And if you don't act soon, it could be deadly to your championship chances.

With the announcement of Sidney Rice's removal from the PUP list, he has become the #1 target on my fantasy radar. Across the country, Vincent Jackson has begun to suit up for the Chargers and news from camp is that he's rearing to go. These two surprises of 2009 are still out there in about 40% of Yahoo! leagues, and if you're in one of those you need to make a move quick. Both Rice and Jackson could have been on the same team if AJ Smith weren't such a hardass. Now you can change history and let the duo be the saviors for your fantasy team.

Let's start with the guy who is poised to play this weekend. Reports say that Sidney Rice could see some snaps against the Packers on Sunday and I believe them. The NFL is a world of medical miracles. Guys could break every bone in their hand and be considered questionable in a week. Plus, when would be a better time for a return from Brett Favre's favorite target besides what will probably be his last game ever against the boys in green and gold. Even if he only uses this game to get back into playing form, Rice still has 6 weeks to get you some serious points. It was obvious last year tha Rice and Favre had created quite the connection, and there is no reason it shouldn't continue these last few weeks even though the wideout was stuck in recovery most of the year. As long as their bromance rekindles fairly quickly, Rice could easily see a few 100 yard games and multiple TD affairs.

Now, out in the AFC West, Philip Rivers finally has a true #1 receiver to turn to after having to deal with options whose names looked like alphabet soup. Naanee? Ajirotutu? Seriously? Well, Jackson will be a sight for sore eyes, after the two managed to connect 68 times for 1167 yards and 9 TDs. Rivers has been even more incredible this year, becoming the #1 fantasy QB. Interviews with defensive backs at Chargers' camp say that Jackson is burning fools and snatching tough grabs like his  bad old self. It might seem as though VJax might sandbag it for the team that treated him like dirt, but its more likely his financial wants win out again and he does his best tryout for the other 31 teams. I expect Jackson and Rivers to put on quite the show, while taking advantage of the lenient schedule his division provides.

November 19, 2010

Waiver Wire Gold Could Mean a Fantasy Championship

It's week 11 and your trade deadline probably passed recently, so what's an owner to do about upgrading his team if you can't rip off the league sap? Hit the waiver wire and free agency of course! If you're a team at the top of the standings, depth can always be improved. If you're fighting for a playoff spot, the next hot pickup could propel you to postseason play. And if the only bowl you have a shot at is of the toilet variety, well, you probably aren't out looking for fantasy advice. For the first two groups of you, lets look at a few players who might be available in your league and could be a key contributor.


Troy Smith, 49ers
The great thing about NFC West players is that their division has an incredibly easy schedule this year. Not only do they get to beat on each other, but they get the AFC West's lenient D's as well. The 49ers' week 14-16 match-ups (SEA, @SD, @STL) are a cake walk. If the better Smith can even play at 80% of the level he currently is at, Smith could be a great backup and security blanket in case your QB1 goes down.

Other Notables:
  • Jon Kitna, Cowboys- Still widely under-owned. If he's out there snatch him up, the 'Boys look different under Garrett.
  • Sam Bradford, Rams- Weeks 15 (KC) and 16 (SF) sure look golden for the Rams' star rookie.


Jerome Harrison, Eagles
Not only did Harrison pull off quite the playoff show last season in Cleveland, he looked pretty impressive in the blowout of Washington on Monday night. LeSean McCoy is constantly getting nicked up, and owning his backup is never a bad idea. If McCoy were to go down, Harrison would step into a major role and reap the benefits of the threat that is Michael Vick.

Other Notables:
  • Javon Ringer, Titans- Another backup of a fantasy stud. He has done a great CJ2K impression so far this year. Imagine what he could do with 25 touches.
  • Clinton Portis, Redskins- I still think the main reason Shanahan went to Washington was to rekindle his romance with Portis. If he makes a full recovery, he could be a big pickup.


James Jones, Packers
Aaron Rodgers has shown quite the man crush on the big wideout in Green Bay. It is almost as if Jones has replaced Driver as his go-to-guy behind Greg Jennings. As long as Jones cuts down on the drops and fumbles, it could mean big things for your fantasy team.

Other Notables:
  • Demaryius Thomas, Broncos- A great playoff schedule, and it is always fun to ride the Kyle Orton Express.
  • Jason Avant, Eagles- Its a tough life being the 3rd WR on a team, but the Eagles is a team where I'd like to own one. Vick looks to Avant fairly often, and with the injury history of DeSean Jackson, Vick's passes have to go somewhere if he goes down.


Benjamin Watson, Browns
The Browns have been putting on quite the show lately, downing the Patriots and nearly winning the War of the Ryans. While it has mainly been the Peyton Hillis show, Colt McCoy has been serviceable, and Watson has been their leading receiver. While he hasn't been very explosive as of late, the Browns' TE has been fairly consistent all year, and if he is lucky enough to find the end zone you could be in the money if yet another top TE goes down.

Other Notables:
  • Andrew Quarless, Packers- It pains me to back him after watching him trip over his own feet on national T, but the guy is in a proficient offense, and is the best TE option available. Don't kid yourself Donald Lee.
  • Rob Gronkowski- He is a bit of a risk, but after what he did to the Steelers, it begs the question, "Aaron Hernandez who?"

November 15, 2010

Updated 2010 Fantasy Basketball Rankings: Week 3

Here's FSC's 2010 Top 100 players from here on out:

Rank Player Position
1 Kevin Durant SF
2 Chris Paul PG
3 Stephen Curry PG/SG
4 Pau Gasol PF/C
5 Kobe Bryant SG
6 Dirk Nowitzki PF
7 LeBron James SF
8 Deron Williams PG
9 Dwayne Wade SG
10 Danny Granger SF
11 Josh Smith SF/PF
12 Rajon Rondo PG
13 Gerald Wallace SF/PF
14 Jason Kidd PG
15 Carmelo Anthony SF
16 Amare Stoudemire PF/C
17 Russell Westbrook PG
18 Tyreke Evans PG/SG
19 Brook Lopez C
20 Steve Nash PG
21 Joe Johnson SG/SF
22 Al Horford PF/C
23 John Wall PG
24 Dwight Howard C
25 Joakim Noah PF/C
26 Kevin Love PF
27 Paul Pierce SG/SF
28 Chris Bosh PF/C
29 Andre Iguodala SG/SF
30 Rudy Gay SF
31 Tim Duncan PF/C
32 Monta Ellis PG/SG
33 Al Jefferson PF/C
34 David Lee PF/C
35 Manu Ginobili SG
36 Derrick Rose PG
37 Andrea Bargnani PF/C
38 Darren Collison PG
39 Brandon Roy SG/SF
40 Roy Hibbert C
41 Paul Millsap PF
42 Zach Randolph PF
43 Marc Gasol C
44 Stephen Jackson SG/SF
45 Chauncey Billups PG
46 O.J. Mayo SG
47 Devin Harris PG
48 Andrew Bogut C
49 Andray Blatche PF/C
50 Luis Scola PF/C
51 David West PF
52 Jrue Holiday PG
53 Marcus Camby PF/C
54 Jason Richardson SG
55 Nene PF/C
56 Jeff Green SF/PF
57 Brandon Jennings PG
58 Luol Deng SF
59 Gilbert Arenas PG
60 Danilo Galinari SF/PF
61 Lamar Odom SF/PF
62 Blake Griffin PF
63 Eric Gordon SG
64 Kevin Martin SG
65 Rodney Stuckey PG/SG
66 LaMarcus Aldridge PF
67 Elton Brand PF
68 Andre Miller PG
69 Michael Beasley SF/PF
70 Mike Conley PG
71 Carlos Boozer PF
72 D.J. Augustin PG/SG
73 Troy Murphy PF/C
74 Trevor Ariza SG/SF
75 Rashard Lewis SF/PF
76 Ray Allen SG
77 Dorell Wright SF
78 Tony Parker PG
79 Raymond Felton PG
80 J.J. Hickson PF
81 Serge Ibaka PF/C
82 Nicolas Batum SF
83 Emeka Okafor C
84 Kevin Garnett PF
85 Jamal Crawford PG/SG
86 Chris Kaman C
87 Caron Butler SG/SF
88 Aaron Brooks PG
89 Jameer Nelson PG
90 Jason Terry SG
91 Mo Williams PG
92 Antawn Jamison PF
93 Ben Gordon SG
94 Boris Diaw SF/PF
95 Tyrus Thomas PF
96 Hedo Turkoglu SF
97 Beno Udrih PG
98 John Salmons SG/SF
99 Samuel Dalembert C
100 Jarrett Jack PG/SG

2010 Week 11 PPR Rankings: WR

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Roddy White ATL at STL
2 Reggie Wayne IND at NE
3 Hakeem Nicks NYG at PHI
4 Miles Austin DAL vs DET
5 Andre Johnson HOU at NYJ
6 Greg Jennings GB at MIN
7 Terrell Owens CIN vs BUF
8 Anquan Boldin BAL at CAR
9 Brandon Marshall MIA vs CHI
10 Desean Jackson PHI vs NYG
11 Brandon Lloyd DEN at SD
12 Calvin Johnson DET at DAL
13 Larry Fitzgerald ARI at KC
14 Dwayne Bowe KC vs ARI
15 Wes Welker NE vs IND
16 Marques Colston NO vs SEA
17 Santana Moss WAS at TEN
18 Jeremy Maclin PHI vs NYG
19 Michael Crabtree SF vs TB
20 Chad Ochocinco CIN vs BUF
21 Dez Bryant DAL vs DET
22 Percy Harvin MIN vs GB
23 Donald Driver GB at MIN
24 Mike Wallace PIT vs OAK
25 Malcom Floyd SD vs DEN
26 Braylon Edwards NYJ vs HOU
27 Steve Smith (NYG) NYG at PHI
28 Steve Smith (CAR) CAR vs BAL
29 Hines Ward PIT vs OAK
30 Johnny Knox CHI at MIA
31 Kenny Britt TEN vs WAS
32 Danny Amendola STL vs ATL
33 Mike Sims-Walker JAX vs CLE
34 Mike Williams (TB) TB at SF
35 Mike Williams (SEA) SEA at NO
36 Davone Bess MIA vs CHI
37 Steve Breaston ARI at KC
38 Brandon Tate NE vs IND
39 Randy Moss TEN vs WAS
40 Demaryius Thomas DEN at SD

2010 Week 11 PPR Rankings: TE

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Antonio Gates SD vs DEN
2 Vernon Davis SF vs TB
3 Jacob Tamme IND at NE
4 Dustin Keller NYJ vs HOU
5 Marcedes Lewis JAX vs CLE
6 Tony Gonzalez ATL at STL
7 Aaron Hernandez NE vs IND
8 Jason Witten DAL vs DET
9 Chris Cooley WAS at TEN
10 Zach Miller OAK at PIT
11 Brandon Pettigrew DET at DAL
12 Jermaine Gresham CIN vs BUF
13 Greg Olsen CHI at MIA
14 Kellen Winslow TB at SF
15 Heath Miller PIT vs OAK
16 Jeremy Shockey NO vs SEA
17 Andrew Quarless GB at MIN
18 Brent Celek PHI vs NYG
19 Bo Scaife TEN vs WAS
20 Todd Heap BAL at CAR

2010 Week 11 PPR Rankings: QB

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Other Rankings: QB RB WR TE

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Peyton Manning IND at NE
2 Drew Brees NO vs SEA
3 Phillip Rivers SD vs DEN
4 Kyle Orton DEN at SD
5 Aaron Rodgers GB at MIN
6 Michael Vick PHI vs NYG
7 Tom Brady NE vs IND
8 Eli Manning NYG at PHI
9 Ben Roethlisberger PIT vs OAK
10 Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF at CIN
11 Matt Schaub HOU at NYJ
12 Jon Kitna DAL vs DET
13 Matt Ryan ATL at STL
14 Joe Flacco BAL at CAR
15 Carson Palmer CIN vs BUF
16 Jay Cutler CHI at MIA
17 Troy Smith SF vs TB
18 Mark Sanchez NYJ vs HOU
19 Vince Young TEN vs WAS
20 Donovan McNabb WAS at TEN
21 David Garrard JAX vs CLE
22 Sam Bradford STL vs ATL
23 Brett Favre MIN vs GB
24 Matt Cassel KC vs ARI
25 Matt Hasselbeck SEA at NO