October 2, 2010

Week 4 Kings and Jokers

This is the first edition of what will hopefully be an every week staple of the fantasy football season here on FSC. So, let me know if you want me to keep it around!

Each week, I am going to post my top 4 predictions for breakout players (the Kings), as well as the 4 guys I think will fall flat on their fantasy faces (the Jokers).

The Kings:

King of Spades: Kenny Britt WR, Titans
He's playing at home against the Broncos, who have been involved in nothing but shootouts. I still have faith that Britt is the best option which Vince Young has, making him a prime target to rack up some big numbers this week.

King of Diamonds: Bruce Gradkowski QB, Raiders
Another player in what could evolve into a shootout. The Texans' pass D has been horrendous and Gradkowski has shown he can be serviceable. He may not have a ton of weapons at his disposal, but a quality running game behind McFadden should open up the field for B-Grad.

King of Clubs: Kevin Walter WR, Texans
When Gradkoski doesn't have the football, I like Kevin Walter to feature big in this football game. With AJ stuck on Nnamdi Island, Schaub will have to look to someone. Owen Daniels has shown that he is still slowed by his knee and Jacoby Jones can only do so much.

King of Hearts: Shonn Greene RB, Jets
Alright, I'm sure you guys have heard enough about Greene from me. I mean, he featured in my Buy Low, Sell High article a week ago and I continually rank him higher than LT, but I think he deserves to be there. All it will take is one good day out of Greene to get back to the feature back in a great rushing attack, and I like Buffalo to be the team to let him do it.

The Jokers:

Ahmad Bradshaw RB, Giants
What do you get when you face a great run defense and an offense that will put your team behind by 17 at the half? A bad day for the Giants' running game.

Steve Smith WR, Panthers
Jimmy Claussen really scares me. He may be talented, but he won't be making Smith look good for a while. The pressure that the Saints will bring, as well as the ear-spliting noise that will arise every Panthers snap, makes me really intimidated to touch any Panthers player.

Matt Ryan QB, Falcons
The 49ers might be underwhelming so far this year, but their defense is just as talented as ever. This one really might not make sense in terms of statistics and projections, but I just have a gut feeling that a fired up Mike Singletary will bring the heat and Ryan will crack.

Hines Ward WR, Steelers
He's playing the Ravens. With Charlie Batch throwing the ball to him. What else needs to be said? How about the fact that in two games against Baltimore last year (with Big Ben at QB), Ward amassed a "whopping" 84 yards on 7 catches. Let him ride the pine for a week, you'll be glad you did.