November 19, 2010

Waiver Wire Gold Could Mean a Fantasy Championship

It's week 11 and your trade deadline probably passed recently, so what's an owner to do about upgrading his team if you can't rip off the league sap? Hit the waiver wire and free agency of course! If you're a team at the top of the standings, depth can always be improved. If you're fighting for a playoff spot, the next hot pickup could propel you to postseason play. And if the only bowl you have a shot at is of the toilet variety, well, you probably aren't out looking for fantasy advice. For the first two groups of you, lets look at a few players who might be available in your league and could be a key contributor.


Troy Smith, 49ers
The great thing about NFC West players is that their division has an incredibly easy schedule this year. Not only do they get to beat on each other, but they get the AFC West's lenient D's as well. The 49ers' week 14-16 match-ups (SEA, @SD, @STL) are a cake walk. If the better Smith can even play at 80% of the level he currently is at, Smith could be a great backup and security blanket in case your QB1 goes down.

Other Notables:
  • Jon Kitna, Cowboys- Still widely under-owned. If he's out there snatch him up, the 'Boys look different under Garrett.
  • Sam Bradford, Rams- Weeks 15 (KC) and 16 (SF) sure look golden for the Rams' star rookie.


Jerome Harrison, Eagles
Not only did Harrison pull off quite the playoff show last season in Cleveland, he looked pretty impressive in the blowout of Washington on Monday night. LeSean McCoy is constantly getting nicked up, and owning his backup is never a bad idea. If McCoy were to go down, Harrison would step into a major role and reap the benefits of the threat that is Michael Vick.

Other Notables:
  • Javon Ringer, Titans- Another backup of a fantasy stud. He has done a great CJ2K impression so far this year. Imagine what he could do with 25 touches.
  • Clinton Portis, Redskins- I still think the main reason Shanahan went to Washington was to rekindle his romance with Portis. If he makes a full recovery, he could be a big pickup.


James Jones, Packers
Aaron Rodgers has shown quite the man crush on the big wideout in Green Bay. It is almost as if Jones has replaced Driver as his go-to-guy behind Greg Jennings. As long as Jones cuts down on the drops and fumbles, it could mean big things for your fantasy team.

Other Notables:
  • Demaryius Thomas, Broncos- A great playoff schedule, and it is always fun to ride the Kyle Orton Express.
  • Jason Avant, Eagles- Its a tough life being the 3rd WR on a team, but the Eagles is a team where I'd like to own one. Vick looks to Avant fairly often, and with the injury history of DeSean Jackson, Vick's passes have to go somewhere if he goes down.


Benjamin Watson, Browns
The Browns have been putting on quite the show lately, downing the Patriots and nearly winning the War of the Ryans. While it has mainly been the Peyton Hillis show, Colt McCoy has been serviceable, and Watson has been their leading receiver. While he hasn't been very explosive as of late, the Browns' TE has been fairly consistent all year, and if he is lucky enough to find the end zone you could be in the money if yet another top TE goes down.

Other Notables:
  • Andrew Quarless, Packers- It pains me to back him after watching him trip over his own feet on national T, but the guy is in a proficient offense, and is the best TE option available. Don't kid yourself Donald Lee.
  • Rob Gronkowski- He is a bit of a risk, but after what he did to the Steelers, it begs the question, "Aaron Hernandez who?"