November 20, 2010

Two Studs are Available in Too Many Leagues

This is a public service announcement for fantasy owners everywhere. There are two fantasy studs out there just waiting to turn your team from good to great. And if you don't act soon, it could be deadly to your championship chances.

With the announcement of Sidney Rice's removal from the PUP list, he has become the #1 target on my fantasy radar. Across the country, Vincent Jackson has begun to suit up for the Chargers and news from camp is that he's rearing to go. These two surprises of 2009 are still out there in about 40% of Yahoo! leagues, and if you're in one of those you need to make a move quick. Both Rice and Jackson could have been on the same team if AJ Smith weren't such a hardass. Now you can change history and let the duo be the saviors for your fantasy team.

Let's start with the guy who is poised to play this weekend. Reports say that Sidney Rice could see some snaps against the Packers on Sunday and I believe them. The NFL is a world of medical miracles. Guys could break every bone in their hand and be considered questionable in a week. Plus, when would be a better time for a return from Brett Favre's favorite target besides what will probably be his last game ever against the boys in green and gold. Even if he only uses this game to get back into playing form, Rice still has 6 weeks to get you some serious points. It was obvious last year tha Rice and Favre had created quite the connection, and there is no reason it shouldn't continue these last few weeks even though the wideout was stuck in recovery most of the year. As long as their bromance rekindles fairly quickly, Rice could easily see a few 100 yard games and multiple TD affairs.

Now, out in the AFC West, Philip Rivers finally has a true #1 receiver to turn to after having to deal with options whose names looked like alphabet soup. Naanee? Ajirotutu? Seriously? Well, Jackson will be a sight for sore eyes, after the two managed to connect 68 times for 1167 yards and 9 TDs. Rivers has been even more incredible this year, becoming the #1 fantasy QB. Interviews with defensive backs at Chargers' camp say that Jackson is burning fools and snatching tough grabs like his  bad old self. It might seem as though VJax might sandbag it for the team that treated him like dirt, but its more likely his financial wants win out again and he does his best tryout for the other 31 teams. I expect Jackson and Rivers to put on quite the show, while taking advantage of the lenient schedule his division provides.