November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks a Little Late

Its officially the day after Thanksgiving, so holiday references are officially in play. But I'm still in a food coma from yesterday's feast, so I'm going to pretend its still Thursday and give thanks to those that have helped make this fantasy football season what it is. So a big ole thanks goes out to:

  • Arian Foster's parents for producing a fantasy stud.
  • Jerry Jones for finally sucking it up and making the Cowboys fantasy relevant again.
  • Tony Dungy for helping Michael Vick realize that there was such a thing as a film room outside of his home theater.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew for sandbagging the first half of the year and allowing owners everywhere to buy low.
  • Peyton Hillis aka The Great White Hope.
  • Seyi Ajirotutu for helping people to realize that Philip Rivers can score with anyone. Literally ANYone.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick for proving that guys with SATs over 300 can succeed in the NFL.
  • The owners who didn't follow the trend and use a "Mike Vick in a box" or "Double Dwayne Bowe" team name. I swear I've seen one in every league.
  • And of course, the Detroit Lions' and Buffalo Bills' defenses. Without you guys it would have been a boring year.

Good luck on Sunday! May your team come back from playing against Wes Welker/ Deion Branch.