November 28, 2010

Early 2011 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Catcher

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Its November, and I find myself writing a fantasy baseball article. I have a problem. I know. But you're reading it, so you must share the fantasy addiction with me, right? Well I guess it is never to early to start mapping out who the studs are for the upcoming season. So let's look at who should be the top 15 players that should be taken at every position (with a few more at OF and the pitchers), and a little blurb describing why. First up, backstops:

  1. Joe Mauer, Twins- The undisputed stud of the position. Saw a power dip in the new stadium, but still the Ali of the catcher position.
  2. Victor Martinez, Tigers- Despite the fact that Fenway Park is very hitter friendly, Comerica should help boost V-Mart's power numbers. If he stays off the DL he is golden.
  3. Bryan McCann, Braves- Consistently very good. Not very great. But very good.
  4. Buster Posey, Giants- It might just be the hangover from the World Series run, but Posey looked awesome in his stint in the bigs.
  5. Carlos Santana, Indians- Another injury risk, but boy was he impressive when he took the field last season.
  6. Geovany Soto, Cubs- Imagine what this guys' line could have been if he had played more than 100 games.
  7. Miguel Montero, Diamondbacks- Apparently DL is the word at catcher. Montero saw his fair share of it, but he is an excellent hitter who should produce.
  8. Matt Wieters, Orioles- I envision him as the next David Price. Watch him explode now that everyone has counted him out.
  9. Kurt Suzuki, Athletics- If he played a full season like he did Post All-Star break, he wouldn't even be an option in fantasy.
  10. Mike Napoli, Angels- If you build your team right to handle his average, he is a very special power value.
  11. John Buck, Marlins- His move from Toronto to Florida shouldn't affect much besides his wardrobe.
  12. Jorge Posada, Yankees- His age, position and Jesus Montero all scare me, but his batting numbers are far better than most.
  13. Carlos Ruiz, Phillies- Very formidable player to fill in if you wait on catchers.
  14. John Jaso, Rays- His game last year left things to be desired (aka power). But should produce pretty well elsewhere.
  15. Jesus Montero, Yankees- Two Yankee catchers in the top 15 might seem a little drastic, but its just too early to know what their plan is. If one ends up as a DH/ spell Catcher, they instantly become an asset in fantasy, with how much production surrounds them in the lineup.
Check back tomorrow for the first basemen!