August 26, 2010

Leinart Finds the Pine, Fitzgerald Owners Rejoice

When the interviewer asked Ken Whisenhunt what he expected out of Derek Anderson during his preseason start Saturday he replied with, "first downs". If that doesn't sum up Matt Leinart's inefficiencies I don't know what will. The fantasy community has been clamoring for someone to take the helm from the Trojan bust, and the Cardinal coach has finally taken the hint.

Sure, the first thing which will probably come to mind is that game last year where he went 2 for 17 with an INT at Buffalo. But he is also the guy who connected on 29 touchdowns and about 3800 yards. Anderson showed in a few limited stints with the Browns that he can be a fantasy contributor despite a terrible cast. Give him a few great pass catchers and I'm intrigued. While I don't advise picking him up any time soon I like the prospects of someone not named Leinart at QB1.

Now, assuming that Anderson can hold onto the job and put up even a fraction of the gawdy numbers that Kurt Warner has posted over the last few years, I see a notable jump in Larry Fitzgerald's value coming. All Anderson has to do is not suck and hold onto the job. Please God, for Larry Fitzgerald's sake, don't fail me now.