August 17, 2010

2010 PPR Positional Rankings: RB

I figure since everyone and their mom are telling you what their rankings are in standard leagues, I'm going to go ahead and reach out to us underprivileged PPR players. Oh, and it'd make me all tingly inside to get some comments.

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  1. Chris Johnson, Titans- What more can I say, he's #1 all the way.
  2. Ray Rice, Ravens- The first of many players to get the PPR boost. His hands make him a stud in this format.
  3. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars- I honestly want to put AD here, just to play it safe, but for some reason MJD seems ready to explode.
  4. Adrian Peterson, Vikings- The departure of Chester Taylor makes him an even more attractive PPR option. But what if Favre doesn't return?
  5. Frank Gore, 49ers- He's soo good he made a guy retire.
  6. Steven Jackson, Rams- If the Rams were made up of an above average Pee Wee team and SJax he would still rack up 1300 total yards.
  7. Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers- In Big Ben's absence, look for Pittsburgh to lean heavily on Mendenhall.
  8. Michael Turner, Falcons- Not much of a receiving threat, but you still get points for rushing yards and TDs... and Burner Turner provides plenty of those.
  9. LeSean McCoy, Eagles- I like him a lot more than most. An Andy-Reid feature back with the ability to catch is deadly.
  10. Jamaal Charles, Chiefs- Thomas Jones doesn't scare me much after his 37 yards on 4 carries. 4 carries!
  11. DeAngelo Williams, Panthers- Was tremendous before injury. J-Stew is intimidating as he waits in the shadows.
  12. Pierre Thomas, Saints- The departure of Mike Bell and Lynell Hamilton's injury makes him a premier TD scoring back.
  13. Ryan Grant, Packers- Perhaps one of the steadiest performers at the position.
  14. Ryan Mathews, Chargers- The best situation of any rookie. Could either end up top 10 or top 35.
  15. Beanie Wells, Cardinals- He has an inexperienced QB, a running offense and a great pair of hands =another great situation.
  16. Cedric Benson, Bengals- Definitely a RB to be handcuffed with how often he gets hurt.
  17. Shonn Greene, Jets- Plays for the best running offense in football, but with no catching ability takes a hit in PPR.
  18. Matt Forte, Bears- If he is 2008 Forte he's a steal. If he is 2009 Forte you'd better have Chester Taylor.
  19. Knowshon Moreno, Broncos- Already injury rumors are swirling, and he wasn't very impressive in the red zone last year.
  20. Jonathan Stewart, Panthers- The first backup picked. He has the talent, offense but lacks the PT.
  21. Joseph Addai, Colts- A good fantasy player. Never great, but always good. He's the vanilla.
  22. Arian Foster, Texans- He shoots up my board as Tate goes down for the year.
  23. Felix Jones, Cowboys- Might be the backup in Big D but he's one of the most explosive backs in the game.
  24. Jahvid Best, Lions- As long as he stays healthy, he could be a powerful rookie force.
  25. C.J. Spiller, Bills- Another guy who gets a huge boost by the misfortune of his teammates.
  26. Justin Forsett, Seahawks- Pete Carroll scares me away, but a great PPR back skill-wise.
  27. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins- If this were a PPP (Point Per Pass) league, the Wildcat would make Ronnie a king.
  28. Ricky Williams, Dolphins- Two great RBs, one backfield. Once one gets hurt, however, a fantasy star emerges.
  29. Michael Bush, Raiders- He and McFadden trade places on my list
  30. Tim Hightower, Cardinals- Was a quality PPR player in 2009, but is more than likely losing his job.
  31. Reggie Bush, Saints- We all know how much the Saints like to spread the ball around. Bush will either get you 20 or 2 points week in week out.
  32. Darren Sproles, Chargers- If Mathews shapes up to be only mediocre, Sproles could start getting into the 15-20 carry range. A dangerous proposition.
  33. Chester Taylor, Bears- If Taylor can finally become a 3 down back, he shoots up towards the top 20 in my mind.
  34. Brandon Jacobs, Giants- Another guy who was very disappointing in 09, but has a great track record.
  35. Cadillac Williams, Buccaneers- He had to get the nickname Cadillac for some reason, right? Right?
  36. Darren McFadden, Raiders- I still think he could turn this trash heap of a career around, but injury rumors knock him down a notch. 
  37. Jerome Harrison, Browns- Was the MVP of many championship teams last year, but the Cleveland backfield is a real mess.
  38. Marion Barber, Cowboys- Marion the Barbarian is a beast, or should I say was a beast, now that he has started to age.
  39. Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants- A home run threat whenever he touches the ball. Now if only that happened more often.
  40. LaDanian Tomlinson, Jets- The Jets run the ball more than anyone by over 100 carries. That makes the second stringer there valuable no matter how over the hill they may be.
  41. Clinton Portis, Redskins- Another backfield that looks like a pig sty.
  42. Laurence Maroney, Patriots- A strong showing in his first outing. I just hate all of these backs from BBCs.
  43. Correll Buckhalter, Broncos- Will catch the ball 4-5 times a game, even as a change-of-pace back.
  44. Donald Brown, Colts- In the immortal words of Jackie Gleason, "One of these days, straight to the moon!"
  45. Derrick Ward, Buccaneers- Was supposed to be a breakout back last year. Maybe pundits were just a year off? Answer: I don't think so.
If you want to know my thoughts on a guy not on this list, just leave a comment below!