August 26, 2010

Breakout Player of the Year: Malcolm Floyd

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To preface this post, let me just say that although I may have grown up in San Diego I am far from a Charger homer. So don't start giving me the, "Oh you just love the new go to Charger" treatment. As a matter of fact, I could not dislike Philip Rivers much more if he started throwing puppies instead of footballs one practice. But as I watch the preseason games for the Bolts this year, I can't tell you how high I am on Malcolm Floyd this year. Hell, even Ricky Williams couldn't explain how high that is. Let's break down the situation a little and I'll show you why he deserves much better than his 103.30 ADP in standard leagues.

First, the physical statures of these guys are nearly identical. Sure VJax has a few more lbs on him to help move defenders around, but Floyd possesses the height that Philip Rivers loves. Speed is a wash as both ran in the 4.4s at their respective combines. They each have spent multiple seasons with the San Diego squad, eliminating any problems with routes or plays.

So what has separated these players in the past? One word: situation. While Floyd struggled for targets as a deep threat, Jackson was Rivers' first choice if Antonio Gates was blanketed by the D. Now that reports are flowing in that Jackson won't play a single down in a Charger uniform, Floyd instantly shoots to the top of their depth chart, increasing his worth tenfold. After watching the most recent preseason game, my suspicions seemed to be proven as Rivers turned to Floyd as though his former number one had never even left.

That's how I see this situation unfolding. If you decide to take a chance on the new Chargers WR1, you will draft a guy who wears a different number, but puts up the same numbers as Vincent Jackson. And in fantasy, isn't that what its all about.

My Final Prediction:
88 Catches, 1160 Yards, 9 TDs. In other words, go get him now.