August 11, 2010

2010 Fantasy Football PPR Top 50

Contract disputes. Suspensions over character problems. People too fat to play. It must be football season. And when training camp starts, the fantasy focus shifts from baseball to the gridiron. I mean, I love fantasy baseball and all, but football draft day is one of my favorite times of the year ( Right behind Christmas and free Slurpee day at 7-11). Last year, out of sheer boredom, I found myself playing in a PPR league for the first time and it was love at first sight. If you haven't tried it I definitely advise you to take a shot at it, it is a nice little twist that gives wideouts a little extra importance.When you decide to come to the PPR side, this article and the the rest of my PPR rankings will definitely come in handy, since they are hard to come by throughout the internet. Let me know what you think of the order, and come back to see who I've left off of my top 200.

1. Chris Johnson RB, Titans- How can you argue with CJ2K?
2. Ray Rice RB, Ravens- Probably the most explosive ground/air threat.
3. Maurice Jones-Drew RB, Jaguars- Nothing's better than a nice MJD.
4. Adrian Peterson RB, Vikings- Incredible talent. Just doesn't receive as much as 1-3.
5. Andre Johnson WR, Texans- Sure he had only 9 TDs, but 100 catches and 1500 yards over each of the last 2 years is PPR-tastic.
6. Frank Gore RB, 49ers- Was 3rd in RB targets last year. A great sign.
7. Steven Jackson RB, Rams- He can only go up from 2009.
8. Brandon Marshall WR, Dolphins- He's a ball-catching machine.
9. Randy Moss WR, Patriots- Despite his age, those 2007 numbers are just too tasty.
10. Reggie Wayne WR, Colts- Peyton Manning's favorite targer. Enough said.
11. Roddy White WR, Falcons- 165 targets is huge for his PPR value.
12. Rashard Mendenhall RB, Steelers- Everyone is hyping Pittsburgh's re-dedication to the run. Hopefully they don't let us down.
13. Larry Fitzgerald WR, Cardinals- If anyone besides Matt Leinart was at the helm, he'd be a top 10 pick.
14. Michael Turner RB, Falcons- Not much of a receiving threat but a fantasy stud nonetheless.
15. Aaron Rodgers QB, Packers- It might just be my Green Bay bias, but he is my #1 QB because of his legs.
16. Drew Brees QB, Saints- Pray that the Madden Curse skips a year if you take him.
17. Miles Austin WR, Cowboys- Has all of the signs of not being a one-hit wonder.
18. Calvin Johnson WR, Lions- You have to be talented to get the nickname "Megatron".
19. LeSean McCoy RB, Eagles- I'm trying to get him on every PPR league I join.
20. Jamaal Charles RB, Chiefs- All of this Thomas Jones news really scares me. But with a good amount of carries he will be great.
21. Peyton Manning QB, Colts- Peyton is the definition of consistency.
22. Greg Jennings WR, Packers- His final line looks great considering his slow start.
23. Marques Colston WR, Saints- Even though Brees spreads the ball out, Colston is his his undisputed #1 guy.
24. Steve Smith WR, Giants- His 100+ catch season makes me like him more than his Carolina namesake.
25. DeAngelo Williams RB, Panthers- His time share with J-Stew has me doubting his 2010 impact.
26. Sidney Rice WR, Vikings- Favre or no Favre, Rice will produce.
27. Steve Smith WR, Panthers- Hopefully Moore/Claussen can limit the turnovers more than Delhomme did.
28. Chad Ochocinco WR, Bengals- 85 and TO make up a great hour and a half of television. Oh and their a pretty good receiver duo as well.
29. Pierre Thomas RB, Saints- The departure of Bell is good, and Bush is not much of a threat for goal line touches.
30. Ryan Grant RB, Packers- If you draft him, you probably got great value. He always seems to be drafted unexplainably late.
31. Hines Ward WR, Steelers- Don't be fooled by some pundits who rank Mike Wallace ahead of Ward. He's WR1 in Pittsburgh.
32. DeSean Jackson WR, Eagles- The McNabb-Kolb downgrade is a little scary, but DeSean shined in the few starts Kolb had.
33. Ryan Mathews RB, Chargers- A great situation, but a LOT of risk comes with this Charger.
34. Anquan Boldin WR, Ravens- I'm interested to know what the Ravens look like with a real receiver.
35. Beanie Wells RB, Cardinals- Should probably go off the board earlier than this, but Hightower and injury issues scare me.
36. Cedric Benson RB, Bengals- The fact that he only really plays two downs hurts his value in PPR.
37. Shonn Greene RB, Jets- See above.
38. Matt Forte RB, Bears- Was an undisputed 1st rounder in PPR last year. How the mighty have fallen.
39. Knowshon Moreno RB, Broncos- Coming off a very solid rookie campaign.
40. Jonathan Stewart RB, Panthers- If DeAngelo ever went down, J-Stew becomes a top 15 RB. But that's a big "if".
41. Dallas Clark TE, Colts- Dallas and Manning have a great rapport, an amazing fantasy attribute.
42. Tom Brady QB, Patriots- As JT said at the Espys, "he's got the world's most awesome tight end". I hope you're reading this Giselle.
43. Tony Romo QB, Cowboys- Apparently being without Jessica "sexual napalm" Simpson is just what he needed.
44. Antonio Gates TE, Chargers- I once played pickup basketball with him. Let's just say hes a physical freak, aka he crushed me.
45. Joseph Addai RB, Colts- Not a lot of noise about Addai, but he's a pass-catching back in a great offense. What's not to like?
46. Michael Crabtree WR, 49ers- Without last year's holdout, I honestly believe he would have been ROY.
47. Matt Schaub QB, Texans- His Pro Bowl performance showed he isn't just Andre Johnson's benefactor.
48. Vernon Davis TE, 49ers- Had a great connection with Alex Smith over the last few weeks.
49. Philip Rivers QB, Chargers- Great player, terrible attitude. It's a good thing that's not a category.
50. Wes Welker WR, Patriots- All of this Week 1 talk makes my mouth water.

Let me know where I went wrong by leaving a comment. I'd love to hear your advice before I head into my own draft.