February 12, 2010

Player Snapshot: Ben Zobrist

I recently took part in a mock draft and came away feeling pretty confident. With the studly Matt Kemp, getting good value out of Greinke in the 4th round and being able to take a chance on Rajai Davis in the 20th, it felt good. But when I went back to look over my picks, one of them stood out, in a Lindsay Lohan type way, it was just sad. I took Ben Zobrist in the 5th round at pick 46. Some people would argue that I made a fair pick, but I'm really starting to second guess this guy. While everyone loves the underdog tale of a star emerging from the bench, I'm not ready to dub this guy a legitimate first 5 rounds guy. To his credit, Zobrist does play a shallow position in terms of talent and he showed his power capabilities in both 2008 and 2009, but that just isn't enough. It took him until he was 28 to show his stuff at the major league level, despite an impressive minor league career. He needs to show that last year's speed and average weren't just flukes, but instead the beginning of his break onto the scene. That's why I'm going to wait a year and see just what Ben is really made of before I make the same mistake I made in this mock.