February 16, 2010

My Sleepers for the Year

Most players agree that fantasy drafts are not won in the first few rounds, but rather in the middle to late rounds when value picks are made. When it comes to sleepers, I break them down into 4 categories. This year, I decided I would select one player from each of these classifications and target them in the middle rounds.

The idea of buying low is the key to... well, life. These players are seen for less than their talents would say they worth. This knock against the player is usually something that is hard to notice. Whether it is minimal coverage or an injury from a long time ago which people still think lingers, always target guys you think people are undervaluing so you can enjoy the spoils.
Matt Wieters- A lot of people would think that with the hype that surrounds Wieters, that he is a highly priced commodity. However, with an ADP in the 8-9th rounds, if Wieters were to come into the unbelievable talent that everyone believes he has, he could be a 5th round value hidden in the middle of your draft.

Emerging Stars- These players are definitely talented, but have only shown a bit of what they can do. Normally they will come in the form of 1st round MLB draft picks who have performed well, but just not off the charts.
Jay Bruce- This guy was projected to be a great pro, and made quite a splash in his first few games in the bigs. But Bruce really cooled down over the last year, while still putting up quality numbers. With how much raw power and hitting ability this guy has shown, I am willing to put some money on him busting out this season, and if he happens to end up giving me the same value as last year, I'll take it with my 11th rounder.

Post-Hype- These classifications might seem redundant, but these players are young players who everyone has given up on because of a bad season. These players' values are driven down by that value, but if you believe that it was just growing pains.
David Price- Yet another top pick who I believe is ready to explode. Price certainly underwhelmed last year, but it is hard to argue against a lefty with the pitches that he has in his arsenal. There is no reason why Price can't explode onto the scene this season and show everyone why they got so excited about him last year.

Bouncing Back- This is the section dedicated to veterans. Whether it is an injury or some other down year in terms of statistics, guys who fit this bill have shown a good season or two in the bigs, but scared owners off last season. If you are comfortable gambling on a recovery, then they will pay off huge if they can return to previous forms.
Carlos Quentin- Carlos really exploded in 2008, only to continue his injury woes in 2009 and missing the last half of the season. While that may be a downer, the stats he posted prior to the plantar fasciitis were impressive with the exception of his BA. But if a guy can generate that much power with a problem in his foot, there is definite talent there. Quentin would be a first 5 round pick if he hadn't been hurt, so jump on the commodity before it gets too hot.