February 11, 2010

2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings #1-10

This is officially my first post here on FSS. With football season having just come to a close, it is time to turn our focus to baseball. So without further ado, here are my rankings for the top 10 players in this year's Roto drafts... with a little blurb about why they are there:

1. Albert Pujols 1B, St. Louis Cardinals- If there was a way for me to ensure that I had this guy on my team, I'd do it. Sell my unborn child, yes. Stick nine-inch nails through each one of my eyelids? You betcha. Be forced to watch my hometown Padres? We'll talk.

2. Hanley Ramirez SS, Florida Marlins- He hits for average, for power, steals bags and plays at a very shallow position. He's the only guy I'd even question Albert Pujols with, but I don't want to commit blasphemy.

3. Alex Rodriguez 3B, New York Yankees- Even though last year was filled with steroids, injury and Kate Hudson, A-Rod still turned in a quality season in minimal at-bats .My mouth is watering at the possibility of him returning to the guy he was before A-Roid.

4. Chase Utley 2B, Philadelphia Phillies- Not only did he explode in the Series when it mattered most, but the guy can flat out rake. Like Hanley, he is the king of his position and this year 2B is definitely one of the weaker spots.

5. Ryan Braun OF, Milwaukee Brewers- You could really make an argument for any of these #3-5 guys for the right to be picked after the Big 2. Even though I have no doubts that Braun will put up the best numbers of the three guys in question, he still plays outfield, and positional scarcity is a big one with me.

6. Matt Kemp OF, Los Angeles Dodgers- This guy is the real deal. It is hard to find players who can legitimately contribute in all 5 roto categories. This guy is one of them. Take him in the 1st round and be happy.

7. Mark Teixeira 1B, New York Yankees-He must love New York. He plays in one of the best hitter's stadium, has some of the best protection in the bigs and enjoys Broadway musicals, according to Wikipedia (take that college professors).

8. Miguel Cabrera 1B, Detroit Tigers- Miggy C is just too good of a hitter to escape the 1st round like I've been seeing in some mocks. If you are able to catch him at the turn go buy a lottery ticket.

9. Prince Fielder 1B, Milwaukee Brewers-If I had a copy of the Guiness Book of World Records I would put money on the fact that he is the there under biggest vegetarian. All that tofu sure hasn't affected his power though, that's for sure. He'll put up nasty numbers.

10. Ryan Howard 1B, Philadelphia Phillies- I know I said I was a big believer in positional scarcity and yes, I know this is the 4th straight first-baseman. But this guy has a satisfaction guarantee symbol tatooed on his arm. The guy will provide heaps of HRs, RBIs and Rs. Get him and pair him with a speed guy with a high BA later and you will be more than happy.