February 18, 2010

2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings #11-20

Here are the next 10 guys that I am targeting in 2010. Let me know what you guys think.

11. Evan Longoria 3B, Tampa Bay Rays- This guy was flat out mashing to start the year last season, with 12 HRs and a .327 average through May. He slowed down after a minor hamstring injury in June, but the guy still ended up with tremendous numbers, especially from the 3B spot. Throw in the fact that he did this at the ripe old age of 23 and that's a player I'd love to get at the turn in my draft.

12. Tim Lincecum SP, San Francisco Giants- If I wasn't so sure that he was some sort of superhuman being I would expect this guy to just fall apart one day with how fast he throws and how small he is. But, he has proven everyone wrong so far, so why prove me right? Lincecum is the #1 SP hands down, and if you feel comfortable taking a pitcher this early Lincecum is not a bad choice. However, don't go reaching for him in the top 8 like I've seen in some mocks, pitchers can only contribute in 4 categories and have a much bigger risk factor allocated to them.

13. Carl Crawford OF, Tampa Bay Rays- Four years ago, if you had asked me how many Tampa Bay Devil Rays would be in the top 2 rounds of this year's draft I'd have bet my left foot on zero. Last year, Crawford showed just how great he can be by contributing in all five categories and dominating the SB column. Even if he doesn't improve, as long as there isn't a major drop-off, Crawford is a definite top round pick.

14. David Wright 3B, New York Mets- Even after the tremendous down year that Wright had last year, he still put up mediocre stats. There aren't many players out there who can say that. With the amount of talent this guy has, its hard to argue against using a top pick on him. I know I'm probably dooming myself with this comment but look for the Mets to make a bit of a bounce back in the right direction, starting with the big guy at the hot corner.

15. Matt Holliday OF, St. Louis Cardinals- What's not to like with this guy? He hits behind the best hitter in baseball, he has a proven track record of putting up huge numbers (even outside of Coors) and he drops easy pop-flies. Alright so maybe the last one isn't a good thing, but that's why we don't have fielding in fantasy, it's no fun.

16. Jacoby Ellsbury OF, Boston Red Sox- There aren't many players in this game who can help you win a category single-handedly, Jacoby is one of them. He led the league in steals, by a pretty wide margin, and got tons of hits and runs. There's no reason to think he will slow down, so I'm buying Jacoby.

17. Justin Upton OF, Arizona Diamondbacks- I'm probably never going to get this guy in a draft, despite the fact that I think he is going to blow down the doors on this season. People are moving him up into the end of the first round, and I am just not prepared to take him there. He is a 22 year old masher, but he is still too inexperienced for me to bet big, there have been way too many players who have turned around and flopped after a season like Upton's 2009.

18. Troy Tulowitzki SS, Colorado Rockies- Any time the Rockies unload their best hitter, like Holliday last year, there will always be someone to step up and be a terrific fantasy player. Even a little league team that spent 81 games in Coors would have someone put up a 90/20/90 line. Tulowitzki is that guy, and the best part is that he is a shortstop, a position severely lacking power. The man named Troy will put up a 20/15 line on one leg, and if you can get that from a SS, do it.

19. Ian Kinsler 2B, Texas Rangers- Another young, middle infielder, playing in a great hitter's stadium. He will probably put up a line very similar to Tulo's, so if you were lucky enough to land Hanley in the 1st, you can lock up the double play combo with a great 2B.

20. Joe Mauer C, Minnesota Twins- This is the guy everyone is arguing where he should go. Ranging anywhere from the 1st-3rd rounds, Mauer has been seen going off the board as a star or a quality backstop. I think he should fall in the middle of where he's been going. Mauer will be the best catcher, a position where its hard to find a great hitter. Even after overcoming his initial injury last year, the king of the Twin Cities made teams shoot up in the batting average rankings. He will help your team no matter what, but don't overpay for a guy who will be mediocre in power numbers and run the risk of missing games at baseball's most physically straining position.