December 24, 2010

Rashad Jennings Could Be a Savior this Sunday

I can slowly feel guilt creeping up on me after that title. Almost as much as I can hear the "Keep the Christ in Christmas" crew tapping at their keyboards. But I'm serious right now, if your fantasy hopes were dashed by a Big Ben- Mike Wallace tandem, allow Rashad Jennings to help resurrect them.

I'm sure you've seen the news that MJD is listed as doubtful against a deteriorating Redskins defense, and most of the time doubtful is not a good sign (unless your last name rhymes with Marv). If MJD rests this weekend, it opens a major door for Jennings, who hs been a tremendous goal line TD poacher and has shown some explosiveness over the past few weeks. I mean, the guy had 100 yards on 4 carries a couple weeks ago. If that's not a reason for your mouth to water, I don't know what is. Hand the ball to Jennings 20+ times a game, and it could lead to some dangerous numbers.

So if you are still alive for some prize in your fantasy league -- including the $5 bounty from the toilet bowl-- you should snag up Jennings (especially if you are an MJD owner or playing against one). If the little ball of Jacksonville lightning can't go, it could be a great day for this backup running back.