September 10, 2010

Vikings-Saints Opening Night Reactions

Well the opening game has come and gone, and while it felt like Christmas Day, this holiday lasts for the next 17 weeks. But before we start looking forward to those next few months, let's take a look back at the 2010 opener and the fantasy implications it brought:

Garret Hartley definitely proved why you should wait to take a kicker. If you spent an early pick on him thinking that the Saints' high powered offense would lead to lots of fantasy points, the Aint proved that kickers are too unpredictable to count on. Imagine, you could have had...

Devery Henderson really didn't prove much in my eyes, but the TD was nice. He will always be a deep threat in my opinion, able to go off for 100 yards or go catchless in any given week.

Adrian Peterson might not have ended up with a jaw-dropping stat line, but he did show that he is still the king of Minnesota as he was turned to early and often. I was a little disappointed in the fact that he only had 1 catch, but he is still a workhorse who you can bet the house on. Just like...

Pierre Thomas. Saint Pierre was a tale of two halves. 1 total yard in the first half led to an offensive explosion in the 3rd and 4th quarters. The Saints leaned on Thomas, and he delivered, consistently ripping off 5 or 6 yard gains against an otherwise stout Vikings D. The goal-line TD reinforced the fact that Mike Bell is not around and scores should be aplenty for Thomas.

Another eye-opener was Visanthe Shiancoe, who was targeted a whopping 7 times from the TE position. I'm not quite sure about whether or not this was just Favre depending on his tight end because of jitters, or if he is going to be the number one option in the Vikings' passing game in Sidney Rice's absence. Either way, if you have a deep bench and could use a back-up TE, look to Shiancoe like Favre did so many times last night.

Both QBs, Brees and Favre underwhelmed in their debuts, but I don't expect that to last. Sure, Favre might not put up the same insane stats as last year, but he also only had a week's worth of practice to get into the game. And if you are a Brees owner and have any doubts, I have absolutely no idea why you drafted him.

Well that's about it from my fantasy point of view, a few great performances along with some mediocre. Oh, and the trainwreck of Hartley of course. Well good luck the rest of this weekend, and don't fret: one week a season doesn't make.