September 22, 2010

Buy Low, Sell High: Weeks 1 and 2

It doesn't take Warren Buffett to understand the concept of buying low and selling high. But if you can harness the concept with your fantasy football team, you can be on the path to a championship. Once a week passes, how many points a player has accrued becomes irrelevant. From the on, it is all a matter of creating the most points possible over their remaining games. So, as I stated in my "One Week Does Not a Season Make", don't put too much money into a player's first few weeks of production. Look at their situation, and decide who will be the top producers over the course of the year.

Buy Low:

Shonn Greene- I had a major man crush on this guy coming into 2010. I mean, whats not to like about a guy who stepped into a starting role in the world's best rushing offense, and whose only competition was an aging veteran who everyone wrote off. Of course, after LT's impressive Week 2, no one seems to have faith in Shonn. I still do. All it will take is one good outing and a few weaker opponents to reestablish the fact that Greene is the feature back and can be counted on with 20 carries a game.

Maurice Jones-Drew- What if a guy who was guaranteed to be a top 4 player all of a sudden fell off into oblivion. Yeah, it would make a great story, but it ain't happenin'. MJD is a notoriously slow starter so you might not get a "beat him over the head with a club" type of trade robbery, but if you can turn your Matt Forte or LeSean McCoy into a nice cold MJD, why not go for it?

Michael Crabtree- I know I have criticized Crabtree before over his personality issues and work ethic, but the guy's talent is indisputable. Alex Smith seems to be slowly improving, and I imagine that evolving into a lot more production out of his most talented wideout.

Tony Gonzalez- Come on. Its Tony Gonzalez. Sure hes starting to show his age, but he created the TE position that we know today. Plus, he has showed that outside of Roddy White, he is one of the few targets that Matt Ryan trusts. Get him while you still can.

Joe Flacco- He has been the absolute worst fantasy QB over these first two weeks. But can you blame him? He put up reasonable numbers against the stalwart Jets' D and even though Tom Brady made the Bengals look like Swiss Cheese, he didn't have to play them in Cincy. Trade some slob for Flacco and cash in when he explodes some upcoming week. (Hint: He plays Cleveland this week.)

Sell High:

Tim Hightower- Week 1 was a bit of a mess for the Cards' RB, but there's nothing like a good ole Rams matchup to fix that. Beanie Wells will return soon, and noone likes a backfield timeshare. Deal Hightower now, since his value will never be higher.

Austin Collie- Collie is probably one of the higher scoring wideouts in your league, especially if its PPR.  But with Wayne and Clark being the obvious main targets of Peyton, and Garcon begging for more targets, there's no way that this kind of production persists. 

Darren McFadden- Anyone can bust out against the Rams. His performace against the Titans opened my eyes a little, but enter Michael Bush and Run DMc's value takes a hit. Not to mention the fact that history says he will inevitably hit the injury report at some time or another.

LaDainian Tomlinson- See Shonn Greene in the Buy Low section. He can't keep it up all year long. Sure he will play a role, but it won't be this big.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out this week's rankings (Week 3 PPR Rankings: QB RB WR TE), and as always leave a comment if you have a question, comment or concern!