April 12, 2010

The Future of First Week Studs

So a week of the season has passed by and if you're like me you are looking up to the skies and asking, "Why God?! Why must you take Miguel Montero from us so soon? He was too young!". Also, you are probably towards the bottom of your standings thanks to the tremendous *insert sarcasm here* weeks that guys like Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Johnson put up. But, for every 0-4 day out there, another player is going off and vaulting themselves into transaction logs every where as he becomes the new hot pickup. Here's my list of guys who have broken out like a greasy teenager, and who I think can continue on their torrid paces.

  • Corey Hart: I wrote about him in the preseason "Guys I'm Buying" post and he has made me look like I actually have a clue what I'm talking about. While his .400 batting average and contributions to both the HR and SB categories are great signs, I am most encouraged by his lineup spot. After batting 7th in his first few appearances, as well as sitting out opening day, he starts today in the six hole. Sure one spot doesn't mean much, but it does show that Ken Macha has seen his contributions, and he is one step closer to being attached to one of the best 3-4 hitting combos in the game.
  • Vernon Wells: He and Corey Hart had just about the same ADP going into the season, and each are showing that they deserved better than their 16th round draft spots. Vernon has been on fire, tying for the league lead in homers. After last season's mediocre power output, it is a great sign to see him come out of the gate slugging. He also tied a career high in stolen bases last year, so it should be safe to say that he hasn't lost his legs. Wells is the reason a lot of teams are at the top of their standings, and he will probably help keep them there all season.
  • C.J. Wilson: Sure he is a 30 year old who is starting his first games since 2005, but boy was he impressive in his 2010 debut. He held the 5-1 Blue Jays to no runs, 5 hits and struck out 9 in his seven innings of work. Had the Frank Francisco black hole not swallowed his win, he would have had, arguably, the best first start of the season. His 2009 stats show that his dominance is no fluke. While I'm not saying that he has a chance of repeating his 2.81 ERA; the fact that he recorded a 10.26 K/9 and 33 Saves/Holds, shows that he has the ability to be a good strikeout pitcher, as well as calm under pressure.
  • Jorge Cantu: I snagged Jorge as my Util player towards the end of one of my drafts, and I couldn't be happier. If he could hit 10 RBIs every week, well, he'd be a god... but let's face it he isn't going to Mount Olympus any time soon, let alone Cooperstown. But he is only 28, and is a good enough first baseman that he can give you quality homers and RBIs from the CI or Util position. I don't think he will ever be good enough to fill the 1B slot in a 12 team league, but if his 2008 numbers are any indicator, he could very well get you 25/100/100 this year. Who doesn't want that?
That's only a small list of guys I like, but if you can find a way to trade for these guys, or better yet, are in a league where they are free agents, I would snap them up in a heartbeat. The moves you make now could be the key to winning your fantasy season.