April 4, 2010

20 Last Minute Predictions

The MLB season will kick off with a bang on Sunday with the biggest baseball rivalry being rekindled in Boston. So once you p-ahk your self in your wicked comfy recliner to watch the S-ahx play them damn Yankees, the first pitch will be thrown and all of this preseason work constructing our teams will finally pay off. Hold that thought though, I decided I'd sit down and lay out some last minute predictions for the 2010 season. So bookmark this page and bring it up at the end of the season when I miss on all of them.

  1.  David Wright will hit the 25/25 again. The Mets will still suck though.
  2.  Tommy Hanson will finish in the top 5 of NL Cy Young voting.
  3.  Roy Halladay will end up winning the award.
  4.  Rajai Davis will swipe 50 bases. Rickey Henderson said so. That makes it fact.
  5.  After hitting .275, Jay Bruce will cement himself as the 5th hitter in the Reds lineup and become a 3rd round pick in 2011.
  6.  Max Scherzer will strikeout 200 in his first real major league season.
  7.  Despite his impressive Spring, Stephen Strasburg will underwhelm when he makes it to the majors.
  8.  Adam Laroche will have 84 articles written about how good he is after the All-Star Break and his trade value at that point will be completely unreasonable.
  9.  One of the three main Padres sleepers (Everth Cabrera, Chase Headley and Kyle Blanks) will emerge as a fantasy mainstay for years to come.
  10.  Brandon Wood will not breakout. Again.
  11.  Jason Frasor will save 30+ games.
  12.  Manny Ramirez will hit the most homers out of any Dodgers outfielder.
  13.  Josh Hamilton will redeem himself, and remind people why he was a top-30 pick last year.
  14.  Milton Bradley will end up on the DL due to some ridiculous cause. (Vegas has 3:1 odds on the incident involving a "lazy susan")
  15.  Barry Zito will become fantasy relevant this year.
  16.  Kendry Morales will be a top 5 first baseman in next year's drafts.
  17.  The AL Rookie of the Year will go to Brian Matusz after winning 15 games for a mediocre Orioles team.
  18.  Justin Morneau will drive in 120 runs again.
  19.  A minor league team will follow through on the Tim Lincecum bobblehead idea and use real hair to emulate one of their players.
  20.  Colby Rasmus will be the year's best comeback sleeper, hitting 20 homers and swiping 15 bags.
Well there you have em, I wish everyone the best of luck in this year's fantasy season. Unless your in my leagues that is.