March 4, 2010

2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings #11-40

You can find a list of the guys I put in my top 10 here.

This is the continued list of my personal rankings heading into the 2010 MLB season, with some serious comments on their play, and a few more that would make you laugh if I was actually funny.

11. Evan Longoria 3B, Rays- A budding star, with a great bat, at a weak position.
12. Tim Lincecum SP, Giants- The best pitcher in the game. Unfortunately, he's still a pitcher, and that means he's a risk.
13. David Wright 3B, Mets- Even if he has a year like last year, hes a quality player, and that's saying a lot.
14. Matt Holliday OF, Cardinals- Check out his numbers after the move under the Big Arch.
15. Troy Tulowitzki SS, Rockies- A legit power threat at SS, that's hard to find.
16. Joe Mauer C, Twins- Led the AL in OBP, BA and SLUG, not bad for a catcher.
17. Justin Upton OF, Diamondbacks- Huge "Up"side. Ba-dum-tshhh.
18. Carl Crawford OF, Rays- Steals loads of bases, and still hits a HR or two now and again.
19. Jacoby Ellsbury OF, Red Sox- Steals even more bases, not so much on the HR thing.
20. Ian Kinsler 2B, Rangers- Sweet swing, sweeter hair.
21. Roy Halladay SP, Phillies- A true ace, and now in NL formats near you!
22. Grady Sizemore OF, Indians- The only problem drafting him is that when you google image him, you might not like what you see.
23. Jose Reyes SS, Mets- Reyes should make a comeback, but the Mets won't.
24. Ichiro Suzuki OF, Mariners- Comes with a 200 hit guarantee.
25. Adrian Gonzalez 1B, Padres- Check out my argument for him here.
26. Zack Greinke SP, Royals- If he didn't play in KC, he could win 35 games. That's a fact, that's science.
27. Brian Roberts 2B, Orioles- The back injury is starting to scare me more. Probably should be a post-30 guy.
28. Joey Votto 1B, Reds- If he played in LA, I can only imagine the "Vato" jerseys that would be made.
29. Ryan Zimmerman 3B, Nationals- He's one of my favorite picks this year. Great value in the 3rd- 4th rounds.
30. Dustin Pedroia 2B, Red Sox- I liked his MLB: The Show commercial better than Mauer's.
31. Pablo Sandoval 1B/3B, Giants- The nickname Panda has never been more suitable.
32. CC Sabathia SP, Yankees- You'd think with a contract like his he could afford a better fitting hat.
33. Felix Hernandez SP, Mariners- If he and CC traded teams, he would be up in the top 25 for me.
34. Kevin Youkilis 1B/3B, Red Sox- The guy can grow a mean goatee. That's what you look for in fantasy.
35. Jimmy Rollins SS, Phillies- Hopefully his BABIP is a sign of a rebound in 2010, and not his overall decline. I mean he went 30/40 one season. Let's give him some credit people.
36. Derek Jeter SS, Yankees- Hits at the top of a mean lineup, and has lots of lady friends to show for it, err I mean runs.
37. Robinson Cano  2B, Yankees- Same idea as Jetes, but without the girls thing. Poor Cano, poor poor Cano.
38. Mark Reynolds 3B, D'backs- He does great things when he makes contact. Unfortuantely, that's asking a lot of him.
39. Justin Morneau 1B, Twins- After surgery on his eyes and a back injury, you gotta think he might be 55 and using a fake birth certificate.
40. Dan Haren SP, D'backs- He was traded for Carlos Gonzalez, Brett Anderson, Aaron Cunningham and Cris Carter... and it still seems like a good trade for the D'backs.

Well that's it for the top 4-0. If you have any questions, comments, concerns send a quick e-mail to and I can justify my rankings.